Task Management



Company branded questionnaire that can be customized based on target audience and location. Multichannel deployment for maximum reach and response.

Get Better Feedback

Get the pulse of customers.

Gauge customer satisfaction.

Measure brand loyalty.

Create new marketing channels.


Analyze unstructured feedback data to obtain insights that add value to decision making.

Get Detailed Analysis

Understand consumer trends.

Perform root cause analysis.

Download feedback and reports.

Utilize smart dashboard for real-time tracking.

Task Management

Distribute relevant customer issues across appropriate departments.

Manage your team

Track issues to closure.

Identify pending tasks that require action.

Monitor bottlenecks and overloads.

Assign issues to the right person.


Escalate customer issues in real-time and solve them as they occur.

Handle Emergencies

Auto-notify the concerned department.

Receive reminders on outstanding issues.

Prioritize issues based on impact.

Get regular workflow report for trackback.

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