3 steps to cex

3 pointers to become a customer experience champion

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru


The idea behind a successful customer experience program is to create a customer centric organisation where all the departments work towards a common goal of improving customer satisfaction, both internal and external. A non customer focused organisation moving to a customer centric one is a huge shift in culture and processes. There are 3 key things which need to be considered to ensure this shift is smooth and successful.

  • Senior management buy in: There is no magic potion to making an organisation customer centric. Its an on-going process with consistent investment of time and energy. For the entire organisation to be consistent its important that they know that the senior management is bought onto this idea of customer experience, or they easily dismiss this as another management fad which will wither only if they ignore it for little longer. The message should be clear by the top management in words and in action. Set the right process, take action on poor feedback, give a pat on the back for good feedback.
  • Make it the pulse of your organisation: Both action and performance of individuals should be judged on its impact on customer experience. It should be the language of communication within the organisation. Employees from the frontline to across departments should be clear on what impacts customer satisfaction most and how does their action effect the satisfaction level. This can be achieved by implementing the right process, an easy to quantify metric like NPS, and more focus on action than analysis
  • Its long term: Its like hitting the gym…its not a one time investment with lifetime returns but its small investments everyday for lifetime returns.

The idea is to make small changes in direction which matter most, analyse its impact and iterate. Real results are the best measure of an initiatives success.


Please leave in your comments, thoughts and ideas on how you would do it differently.

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