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3 unconventional wisdom to acquire from customer feedback

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

What more to look for in customer feedback?

Most often, companies are well aware of the issues their customers are facing. And at times that could be a deterrent to taking customer feedback seriously. In several of my early discussions with clients, when I ask them to read every customer comment and act on the feedback to improve customer experience, I am told “We already know what is pissing off our customers and we are working on solving those issues. If we start taking feedback, we’ll just hear more of those complaints.” As valid as this argument is, it is still not a reason good enough NOT to start taking customer feedback. Apart from re-validating the issues customers are facing with a company’s product or service, customer feedback could deliver at least three ridiculously unconventional lessons when done sincerely and regularly. Here they are:

1. It tells what customers are not pissed about

There is no reason to avoid customer feedback for the fear of facing the music. Even in the heap of complaints, there will be customers who’d praise your efforts and good work. It is worth the effort to gather customer feedback to identify the ‘goods’, even if the ‘bads’ are already known. Positive customer feedback, when shared openly across the organisation, could massively improve employee motivation and also provide valuable lessons on what to do to create happier clients.

2. The hidden surprise of what’s actually going wrong

Once sufficient customer feedback is accumulated, companies generally have an ‘aha!’ moment from the feedback received. 1 in a 1000 customer comments gave a ground breaking business idea to a multinational organisation I worked with in the past. It is a matter of consistently gathering customer feedback and closely observing the reasons for happiness and unhappiness. More than that, customer comments or qualitative information in customer feedback is pure gold dust. It could surprise you with how different perceived problems are from actual problems.

3. It helps prioritise your actions based on what’s important to customers

It is natural for every department to feel that their issues are the most important ones. But as a business owner, you need to identify what’s most important to your customers. Customer feedback helps identify the key issues that are impacting majority of your customers and therein prioritise your actions based on that. It helps align every department with a common goal – solving problems that are most important to the customer.

In conclusion, customer feedback could act as a beacon for organisations. It isn’t something to be feared, instead it is something to be embraced whole heartedly.

Would be great to hear your comments and feedback.

Do you want to
improve your
Customer Experience?

Get FREE web class to uncover the secrets that Startups to Fortune 500 companies are using right now!


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