Customer Loyalty

5 Hardest Things that, if done right, will earn you Undying Customer Loyalty

Written by: Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

How to earn undying customer loyalty?

In an earlier post – Loyalty Programmes Debunked, we wrote why Loyalty Programmes don’t get you Customer Loyalty. Here are some ways that could help you earn customer loyalty:

1. Create an outstanding customer experience

Go the extra mile to keep the smile on your customers’ faces. Do the unexpected – surprise them, delight them, exceed their expectations and make them know that you care. Do you remember how you felt when your favourite restaurant called you to wish you on your birthday?

Ask for feedback, and tell your customers what you are doing about that.

2. Be committed to honesty and transparency

Committing to honesty and transparency sounds like an amazing idea. But it is that much more difficult. It means that such honesty and transparency is not just maintained with your customers but also with your employees. Inculcate a company culture where people own up their mistakes and do whatever it takes to correct it.

By being honest with your customers, you’d not only earn their loyalty but also their respect.

3. Empower your employees

As a leader, be so committed to providing a great experience to your customers that your employees are infected with your enthusiasm. Build a team that is as passionate about improving customer experience as you are. Give them all the resources and means to do so. Ask them to come up with solutions and new ways to improve processes. After all, they are the ones dealing with the customers.

Give them the freedom to take decisions that will help improve customer experience.

4. Anticipate the needs of your customers

This might seem like black magic, however with the kind of data analytics and social engagement platforms available today, it is not very difficult. Investing in the right technology and regularly capturing customer feedback will give you the magical power of anticipating customers’ needs. Armed with such information, the only thing standing between you and undying customer loyalty is taking action on that information!

5. Keep earning it

Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience are not a one day processes. Nor are they departments. They are not destinations too. They are an ongoing processes and the entire organisation must be aligned to keep working on them day-in and day-out!

What more do you think companies can do to earn customer loyalty? Would love to hear your feedback and comments below.

  • Gary Cassard

    Think of your employees and customers as partners. When you do this, then it’s more focused on what you need to do for partners. You do the right thing with partners. You don’t treat partners badly or disrespectfully. You also don’t expect of yourself, as anything but a partner. You’re not better, higher, more important than your partners.
    Understand partner? Ha ha. Great article

    • Vivek Jaiswal

      Hahaha..thanks for your comment, Gary. I agree with you. Treating your employees and customers as partners is the way forward, although it is quite difficult to achieve because customers and employees would always feel like they are customers and employees respectively. Then I guess it is a matter of constantly communicating with them so they understand that its a partner-partner relationship and not a client-server or employee-employer. Keep reading our blogs and keep commenting!

      • Gary Cassard

        Thank you for those excellent points! But how about this thought?
        To me, it’s less how they feel about themselves and more about how I treat them and feel about them respectively.
        That way, I set the expectation and lead in my actions with both groups with that partnership approach. I can best cement that relationship through leadership and ownership to look out for their best behalf! Cause if you always think of them as partners, you own your actions! It’s your words and actions in the end! If good, they trust you and loyalty is yours to harvest!
        Thanks again for your stimulating thoughts and articles,
        Care Warrior!