5 reasons why mystery shopping may not work

The idea behind mystery shopping is to identify areas of improvement for better customer experience. With lack of alternatives, mystery shopping is the age old tradition followed irrespective of its lack of clarity on ROI. Lets see what are the top 5 problems with it.

So what is the alternative? How about making every customer a potential mystery shopper? What could store managers do with real-time access to unfiltered information from real customers? What if the store manager could see what their customers really think on a daily basis? What if the store managers use customer feedback data to set goals and drive improvements in the customer experience?

The collective answer to these questions is: sustainable and incremental improvements in the customer experience through regular and real time customer feedback. Store managers can take action by turning customer feedback into actionable tasks to improve the overall customer experience. Real-time data concerning the customer journey provides the focal point of discussion for the daily store staff meetings.

Providing store staff with real customer feedback – good and bad – puts things in perspective and allows them to focus on areas with maximum impact on customer experience.

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