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5 traits of an NPS driven customer centric company

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Now is the best time for customers and for businesses. Public opinion and company performance is out in the open. Consumers make informed choices and companies can choose to improve by listening  and studying customer opinion. This trend will have a long term positive impact on the ecosystem. Companies will optimise and improve with customer centric focus and consumers will get more bang for their buck.

Net promoter score is a key parameter to quantify and operationalise customer experience in an organisation. It helps ingrain CEx in the company’s culture. So lets see the 6 traits of companies who have NPS in their DNA

  • Good Profit differentiated from Bad profit – Profit is not about manipulative practices even at expense of a disgruntled customer Along with ethical business practices companies also ensure that they deliver what they promise. If companies focus on acquiring customers by any means and fail to deliver then its bad CEx. Instead companies with customer focus align their promises to what their customers expect and what they can deliver. Small incremental changes, measuring their impact and improving is their path to success.
  • Annual report accounts customer experience as well – Annual report is a reflection of a company’s performance in the past year. Customer centric companies use this as an opportunity not just to reflect on how they performed financially but what impact has it had on their customer loyalty. This quantification of Customer experience requires not just tracking the metric but also ensuring sanity of data collected. Helps communicate both externally and internally their focus on improving customer experience
  • KPIs not just sales centric but also customer centric – The sales team’s performance is measured periodically with their sales targets. Measuring just the sales number does not help understand how was this revenue target is achieved. Was it good or bad profit? Hence customer centric companies also measure their customer loyalty along with finances. Its however important to implement this with the right process in place. Focus is to measure and improve and not just a tool to track your employees.
  • Personal connect – Organisations no longer have to deal with customers they know personally. Multi location and multi channel presence of organisations means that their customers also interact with them across channels and locations. In this dynamic environment its not humanly possible to maintain the personal connect. Customer centric companies use technology effectively to provide a consistent and personal experience across channels.
  • Customer Experience is operationalised – Capturing customer feedback without taking action is of no use. Having given a feedback, nothing irritates a customer more than no acknowledgement and action from service provider. Customer focus companies set up the right processes and trains its employees to ensure that proper action is actively taken on customer feedback

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