Customer Experience evolution in India

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru


India is one of the most vibrant and growing market. The open economy has brought a global influence across industry segments and the consumers have evolved with it. They want more bang for their buck and are definitely not compromising on the service quality. To maintain a competitive edge in this market its imperative that companies focus on delivering an outstanding experience. A recent study by US-based software developer Oracle emphasises this further. It says


Clearly the need is felt and more and more companies are taking notice.


The market is experimenting with the combination of the mobile platform, social media and data analytics to reach out, hear and understand the customer behaviour and expectation.


The realisation is clear, its not just about providing a product or service. The consumers are aware and the entire process they have to go through to get your product matters. The voice of your customer is out in the social media and is nothing but a reflection of your customer experience levels. So use every opportunity of interaction with your customers to provide a positive and magical experience and you are bound to create a loyal customer base which does repeat business and recommends you to their friends and family.


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