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How Net Promoter Score® helped Apple KILL it!

What makes Apple Promoters such brand loyalists? Why do they stand in the queue on the day of release of an Apple product?

Is it because Steve Jobs inspired Apple followers with his beliefs or he knew the magic of figuring out what Apple followers wanted?

I got thinking about all this when having survived in the digital age with Non Apple products for close to 20 years, I was successfully convinced by my good friend and business partner Vivek to buy a Mac Book Air. So fine, I am convert now and loving it!

Some looking around and I came across a review by Steve Denning on The Ultimate Question 2.0 and Bingo! I got the answer. Apple is so successful in understanding its follower’s likes and dislikes because it listens to them carefully, regularly and systematically. Apple has more than 400 stores worldwide and each of these stores is more of a medium to engage with its customers and provide an experience than just a sales channel. Apple uses Net Promoter Score to quantify and measure this engagement. It provides a comparison of performance across geographies, personnel and stores.    Apple focuses its energies in improving this score regularly. A common practice is for store managers to contact Detractors within 24 hours of receiving a feedback.

Apple’s revenue has increased from
$24.01 billion in 2007 to $108 billion in 2011 to $182.8 billion in 2014
Net Promoter Score and Apple's revenue correlation

Net Promoter Score and Apple’s revenue correlation

how has the NPS score changed? According to Denning “When Apple began measuring NPS in 2007, its 163 stores already had a very good NPS of 58%. In 2011, its 320 stores have an outstanding NPS of 72%. The best stores achieve a remarkable 90% NPS.” Clearly Apple is an example of how delighting your customers, engaging with them and enriching their lives is your sure gateway to long term success.

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