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3 Amazing customer retention tips from Zappos!

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

On a bar hopping night when Tony Hsieh and his buddies had the Pizza craving and realised that the room service did not serve hot food after 11, the next adventurous idea was to call the Zappos Customer loyalty team and ask for a Pizza! Quite a unique request for an online shoe retailer! As much as it surprised the rep and Tony and friends found it funny they were in for a bigger surprise when the service rep came back with 5 suggestions of pizza jointsin the vicinity with late night service !!

You can listen to the full story here

There are a few amazing customer experience tips from this story –

Be accessible – Make it easy for your customers to reach you. The last time when you tried reaching a customer support representative did you have to apply your “secret agent” skills to find the customer support number on their website only to meander through an IVR jigsaw to reach the customer support rep. By the end of it one is left wondering what was more taxing – finding the number or reaching the rep! Customer experience focused companies like Zappos have a completely different take on this. Every customer call is treated as opportunity to delight their customer. They do not want their customers to do a treasure hunt to reach them but make one on one interactions a cake walk. Zappos takes it to another level by hiring thousands of motivated customer support representatives cultivating a culture of exceptional customer service and also offering $2,000 to employees who quit during its mandatory four-week training program for new hires. They encourage their customer loyalty reps to be natural, spontaneous and adventurous.

Give customers what they need – Having a late night pizza delivery service may not be in the best interest of your business but the least companies can do is make and give customers what really solves their problem. Don’t just push products which you have developed. Hard sell can only get you so far but to really get things viral its important to understand your customer personas and give them products that really solve their problems.

Deliver what you promise – Once you understand your customer pain areas and have offered to solve it, the next important piece in the chain is to deliver it. More often than not Companies promise more than they can deliver. A three month free support or 4 services in an year mean exactly that. Don’t run away from it once committed. If you remind your paid customers for due services do so for the free ones as well. I can only sympathise with a service rep who had to call a customer for service renewal who was not as actively reminded for due services in the previous contract!


So spread the love and get your customers to love you back!

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