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3 Colossal Challenges in delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

What are your biggest challenges in delivering exemplary customer experience?

The importance of delivering exceptional customer experience is indisputable. If you are still looking for reasons, look at Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Oyo Rooms and other phenomenally successful brands. You will realise that an INSANE focus on customer experience is the biggest reason behind their success. However, organisations are facing numerous challenges in achieving similar results. I am striving to get to the core of WHY it is SO difficult to do something that could remarkably transform any organisation.

Here I share 3 of the biggest challenges, I believe, companies are facing in delivering exceptional customer experience. May I also request you to please fill in the short questionnaire I have attached to this post and tell me about your biggest challenges in delivering exceptional customer experience. This research is just in time for us to start building our customer experience goals for 2016.

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1. Understanding what defines GREAT Customer Experience

There is no blueprint of a GREAT Customer Experience that companies can use to deliver an out-of-the-world experience. More often, customer experience becomes subjective when an employee is dealing with an average customer. It is only through rigorous customer journey mapping and extensive reflection, companies really identify what affects customers’ experience and what needs to be done to deliver GREAT Customer Experience.

2. Bringing consistency across all customer touch-points

Customers can now interact with brands through more channels than ever before. And every interaction plays an important role in defining the overall experience. This has introduced organisations to as many pitfalls as opportunities. While companies can use these frequent interactions to sell more, if not done well, it can easily mar the customer experience too.

3. Bringing about a fundamental shift in company culture

It could be very confusing for employees to adjust to a fundamental change of putting the customers first and going the extra mile when they have always been incentivised to do more and faster. Organisations could spend months recalibrating their engine and still not reach anywhere if customer experience management is not rolled out correctly.

These are few of the challenges I have helped my clients overcome. I would really appreciate if you could fill the survey below and help me with my research.

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