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3 CRAZY Customer Service Excellence stories from 2015 – they are so crazy that they are GREAT!

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Service excellence is a concept that is thought of and applied by most companies, but few can actually ‘wow’ the customer in terms of their products and services. However, here are three customer service excellence stories from the last year that are really going to inspire you to become more customer-centric. These stories are the perfect examples of how companies can gain and retain their much-needed customer base.

O2 shows how free pizzas result in loyal customers!

Dreams do come true, sometimes in the form of free pizza for a year! And that is exactly what O2 proved. It also proved that the right social media platform and the urge to make right what’s gone wrong is all that one needs.

24-year-old Dan May from Essex, UK had won a competition run by O2, the telecommunications service provider. for which the winning prize was a free pizza. But to his dismay, that pizza never arrived.

On 3rd August 2015, Dan used his Twitter account to express his annoyance and said that he would think of shifting his provider to ‘Three UK’, but free ice cream could change his mind. What resulted was nothing short of a pizza war between Three UK and O2. Three UK picked up the tweet, hoping to poach a new customer and sent him five free pizzas and four tubs of ice cream, but O2 silenced the competition by first apologizing and then offering free pizza every week for a whole year!!

What O2 gained at the end of the day was a delighted and overweight customer.



Lesson learnt: This is a quintessential example of how customers are more than ready to forgive mistakes if they are wowed! O2 goofed up, accepted it, was candid about it, attempted to make it right and the customer acknowledged and appreciated the same.

(Source: Man is promised FREE PIZZA every week for the rest of the year after sparking a bidding war between O2 and Three on Twitter)

Virgin Trains shows how getting a customer out of a ‘messy’ situation is really appreciated!

A customer, undoubtedly, has many needs. It is how those needs are served that makes the difference between great and amazing service.

In January 2015, teenager Adam Greenwood was using Virgin Trains to travel from Euston to Glasgow. During his journey, he realised that he had to use the lavatory. Horror struck him when during the course of action, he realized that he was out of toilet paper. Like all sane people of the 21st century do, he went onto Twitter to tweet about it, copying Virgin Trains’ account as well. To his surprise, a Virgin representative responded to his case in a few minutes and asked him for his carriage details. A man in a black suit personally located Adam and handed over the much-required toilet paper and advised him ‘to finish the job he had started’.

Tweet to Virgin

Thankfully for Adam, disaster was averted and he was able to finish the job he had started on the train

At the end of it, Virgin Trains managed to satisfy the customer and get him out of a sticky situation.

Lesson learnt: A customer is extremely thankful when he is helped out of a not-so-good situation. Take every opportunity you get as a chance to absolutely DELIGHT your customers!

(Story Source: Teen rescued from embarrassing mishap after TWEETING Virgin Trains)

Grofers wowed its customers by exceeding their expectations

Some stories don’t need to be elaborated. The service act in itself is so powerful that all other marketing gimmicks fail. It is acts like these that have a tendency to go viral and spread goodwill for the company.

This is another shocking and amazing customer experience story from Grofers, an app-based delivery service that connects consumers with local stores.

One fine day, Miten Sampat wishfully tweeted to Albinder Dhindsa, the co-founder of Grofers, requesting Dhindsa to start a delivery where Starbucks coffee could be ordered through the Grofers’ app, similar to the one Postmates did in the US.

Miten Sampat's Tweet

Not surprisingly, he was not the only coffee freak around. He got some support from a lot of others.


What was even better was Albinder Dhindsa’s response to these tweets. Here it is:


And, keeping up the promise, here was Grofers’ tweet the next day! The company launched the service within 24 hours of the request! How’s that for some amazingly shocking customer experience?


An amazed and delighted Sampat ordered his coffee and admitted that Grofers won a customer for life!

Lesson learnt: It is definitely worth going the extra mile for the customer. Requests may seem weird and wishful, but then, aren’t these requests the opportunities for delighting a customer and creating a fan for life!?

(Source: Unexpectedly Amazing Customer Service)

Were there any other marvellous customer experience stories from the previous year that made an impact on customers? Do let us know!

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