NPS Best Practices

3 quick and easy ways to gain immediate traction for your NPS® programme

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Wondering how to get everyone engaged with your NPS® programme?

While the business case to implement NPS® might look promising, with experience I know that it takes around 6 months to over a year before the results start showing in the bottom line. Typically organisations start getting impatient with such slow progress and, to keep the initiative alive, it is pivotal to have a plan that starts giving results before people lose interest. Here are a few tips to save your NPS programme:

1. Focus on quick wins

Customer feedback and NPS analysis would certainly point out big wins that could dramatically improve customer experience. However, such changes are complex to implement and have a longer term return. While it is important to be on the look out for such big bets, it would give immense boost to the NPS programme if you focussed on issues that can be quickly resolved to create customer delight. Once you get such early success, propel it with as much internal marketing and PR as you can. It will get more people enthusiastic about the NSP initiative.

2. Measure by happy customers

An improvement in NPS by 2 points might not sound as exciting as something like “We created 400 happier customers and delighted 100 dissatisfied customers by closing their issues, who are now our promoters!” Start measuring and reporting NPS results in terms of what it means to customers. This makes it more human and people get emotionally attached to producing better results.

3. Bring in the voice of customer in daily business conversations

One of the biggest strengths of NPS is its brevity. Given a smaller survey, almost 50% more customers give verbatim feedback compared with traditionally longer surveys. These comments should be shared internally through digital streaming and adopted in daily business conversations to incite intrigue, fear, pride, and glee among employees. Sharing the voice of customer will make everyone more connected with the customers even from within the office walls and in turn keep the excitement alive.

What other ways do you recommend to create the fire alive in an NPS programme? Would love to hear your feedback and comments.

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