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3 Simple Customer Experience Tips every Business Leader MUST KNOW!

Written By: Kushal Dev, Co-Founder – Customer Guru

It was Friday and I was meeting a bunch of buddies from school after a long time. A couple of them after almost a decade!

I remembered them as the noisy and fun lot who were good at 2 things – Eating and Drinking!

I was looking for a fun place in Bangalore and called a few known eateries. All of them were prompt in answering and good at selling their business, which I totally understand and appreciate. After a few calls and not yet finding the right place I called this fine dining restaurant and spoke with Alex at the reception.

After hearing me out Alex firstly apologised as he did not think his fine dining restaurant was something I was looking for and referred me to another place which suited my needs.

We ended up at this place referred by Alex but on reaching there we realised that my once loud and fun bunch of friends have been tamed by the big bad world and preferred a sophisticated, calm and high end restaurant something similar to where Alex worked. I ended up calling Alex again only to realise that his shift was over. He however arranged my table and when I reached his restaurant we were well taken care of by an army of staff. I had a great night out with friends and Alex made a customer and brand advocate for life.

Alex was my Customer Experience Hero of the day. He came across as a genuine, empathetic, smart and empowered individual who understood his customer’s needs. Does his restaurant owner speak with him? What lessons can we all learn from Alex?

Use every touchpoint as an opportunity to delight your customers

Organisations must shift their focus towards delighting customers, not simply minimising complaints. Effective listening unlocks opportunities to improve the customer experience, by learning from the complaints, correcting the root cause and implementing feedback loops to encourage advocacy.

Make it easy for your customers to reach you

Organisations must make it easy for customers to reach out to them and, importantly, they must demonstrate they value the customer and their opinions. By listening to customers at key touchpoints and responding consistently, organisations can generate increased loyalty and advocacy.

Listen to what your frontline staff is saying

You frontline staff is the one interacting most with your customers. Talk to them, the insights they can provide on your customer needs is priceless. Share ideas with them and empower them to make choices in the best interest of your customers. Not only will you create an army of brand promoters but also build a team which is satisfied and geared to help you succeed.

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Do you want to
improve your
Customer Experience?

Get FREE web class to uncover the secrets that Startups to Fortune 500 companies are using right now!


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