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3 simple ways for guaranteed success in your customer experience strategy

Written by: Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

It goes without saying that in today’s times, a customer experience strategy is vital to continued growth and success of any organization. Most organisations deploy some kind of customer experience programs. However, the question that needs to be answered is how many of them do it effectively? A Bain & Company survey (2005) found that only 8% of companies truly deliver a superior customer experience. This translates into the fact that most strategies may not be producing the desired results.

Here are a few tips that will aid in making your customer-centric plan of action more efficacious.

  1. Translate the strategy for your employees so that everyone knows what needs to be done to execute it.

Good service translates to good business – it is as simple as that. It is essential that all your employees are well aware of the strategy that has been chalked out. Many a times, strategies are chalked out with a desired outcome in mind, but necessary processes and guidelines to reach the outcomes are missed. Top executives do an excellent job of defining the experience map from the customer’s perspective. However, they forget to translate that into accurate and well-structured rubrics that would help employees operationalize customer experience.

  1. Involve EVERY department in rolling out the customer experience strategy.

It is pivotal that all employees in all departments are aware of what the customer experience strategy is and how it works. It is not just the customer-facing employees who should understand it – cross-functional collaboration is a must. For example, we frequently come across companies who struggle with inter-departmental tussles in resolving customer issues. Frontline employees struggle to deliver the customer experience as envisaged by the CEO because of lack of support from the backline.

In contrast, if the marketing and sales teams are well-informed of the strategies and work in tandem, they will be more adept at giving out a consistent value proposition.

Let’s understand this – customer experience is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.

  1. Ensure coherence between leadership behavior and the communication regarding customer strategy

Top management shouldn’t just introduce the idea but should be willing to walk the talk. Quite often the leaders communicate the importance of implementing new customer-centric strategies but are unwilling to invest in empowering their employees to achieve those goals. For the customer experience strategy to succeed, it is critical that the ideas of improving customer experience reflect in leadership behaviors too.

Let us know your views on how to make such strategies successful!


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