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3 Top-notch Reasons why it’s worth having your team onboard your Customer Experience Journey

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” ~ Steve Jobs.

Almost every organisation today is trying to improve customer experience. Some have even achieved a level where they are quoted as customer experience leaders. Nevertheless history is rich with the Goliaths of the business world falling short on crucial aspects of customer experience and struggling till the end of their downfall. Indeed, it is your customers who get your brand up and running, but it is your employees who deliver your brand experience. Organisations that have realised this important fact are revered not just by their customers but also by their employees.

“None of Us are as Smart as All of Us.” ~ Ken Blanchard.

If you plan to enhance your customer experience then the first and foremost action is to engage the entire organisation for the cause. Every individual’s efforts would comprise the customer experience delivered by your brand during the service cycle. Interestingly, the service cycle begins well before the purchase or service delivery and continues till after the sale has been made. Having your team onboard would ensure that the customer has a positive experience throughout the cycle. Not just this, here are a few more reasons why companies should get their team onboard for successful customer experience transformation:

They are your face

The journey towards transforming customer experience is more of a collective effort. The thought that leadership knows it all is no more viable. You need to have your team alongside since they are the face of your brand and any inputs from them would be first-hand. Most customers only experience your brand through your employees. Thus having your team vested in delivering exceptional experience is a must!

They deliver more when they feel accountable

During the much-needed transformation process, the team is as much responsible as are the leaders of the organisation. Ultimately, it is your team who would interact with the customers and they should be accountable for the customer experience. Therefore, having the team bought into the idea of delivering exceptional customer experience is pivotal. This would make the business function as one unit, sharing the ups and downs along the way.

They are your ears to the unheard customer feedback

The team would be your front line cavalry, they are in a position to report customer feedback that gets missed out on customer satisfaction surveys. Unless your employees feel empowered to affect the customer experience, they would never come back with hard facts about what’s swaying a customer between being a promoter or a detractor. You must ensure that you listen to your employees and treat every suggestion worthy of a discussion, no matter how far-fetched it might sound. This open-mindedness would help bring in innovative ideas that could be transformational for your business.

The massive differentiator for companies from here on is and will be customer experience. It never was an easy task but the more you share the burden with your team, the lighter the load would be. Do you think there any more points to include? Let us know your thoughts.

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