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3 undeniable reasons why you can’t make NPS work as a KPI

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

One of the first few questions that organisations ask on adopting NPS is “Should we set NPS as a KPI?” While the intention is great and the company wants to ensure that the team is serious about NPS, it is equally important to ensure that the program has reached the maturity level of adopting NPS as a KPI. Do it too early and it will face a lot of resistance from the team. Do it too late and the program loses its momentum.

Here are three reasons why organisations fail when using NPS as a KPI:

Not setting the right process

The company should set the right processes and train their employees on not just how to recover detractors but also how to thank the promoters. With no defined system in place, frontline employees feel helpless, which affects their morale in dealing with unhappy customers.

An unhappy employee can never create happy customers.

Not setting the right incentivises

If you incentivise your team only on achieving a higher NPS score. They WILL Game the system! Some traditional tricks are – surveying only satisfied customers, influencing customers for high scores in return for better service etc.

Empower and train your employees to go beyond their “Role and Responsibility”. Let them know that it is more important to solve customers’ problem than get a higher NPS.

Not using reliable data

To create the finest quality product you need to use the best raw material. Similarly, if you want to get the best result from your NPS program it is important that the data you are collecting is relevant, reliable, and a close representation of the total customer base.

To successfully implement NPS as a KPI, it is important to know when to measure, how to set the right incentive for the employees and be focused on the ultimate goal of WOWing your customers.

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