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4 Incredibly Simple tips to turn you into a Customer Experience SUPERHERO!

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

If you ever thought that you don’t have ample opportunity to make a difference in someones life then think again.

Creativity in any role with a Superhero attitude can help you create a lasting impact for people around you.

The kids at Texas Children’s hospital had a pleasant surprise when they met Captain America, Superman, Batman, their real life super heroes. These superheroes popped in front of the windows when the kids were least expecting it, waved HIIIs, posed for pictures, met the kids, signed autographs and also cleaned the windows. Yes these Superheroes are window cleaners whose primary task is to make the kids smile and feel happy inside. “The Superheroes were so awesome” is one of the comment the kids made!

Watch the excitement and happiness on the kids faces in this video here

There is a superhero in all of us and life throws ample opportunities to explore and evolve it. All it takes is the right intent and a few characteristics for you to find the superhero in you –

Be Selfless

You need to have an attitude to give. Try to make a positive impact in every interaction you have with an individual and its bound to come back to you with double the impact. It can get you new business, referrals, word of mouth marketing and most importantly satisfaction.

Have the Right Attitude

Have the attitude of giving your best and to be the best. It’s easy to clock in your hours in the office and complete your tasks defined by your role and responsibility. The Superhero attitude however asks you to take it a notch above. Have the attitude of learning, evolving and adding your special flavours to your tasks and responsibilities. The act, measure and innovate cycle really helps you make an impact, one step at a time.

Find your creative genius

The creative genius in you is impatient to get out. Think constantly of how to add an element of surprise, pleasure and delight to your services/product. Be open to ideas, innovation and look for inspiration. It’s not always necessary to build something from scratch but there is no harm in taking inspiration from best practices and ideas from your industry or other businesses around you.

Be Action oriented

An idea or concept is always free. The execution comes with a cost and reward. You can brainstorm as much as you want but you wont come to know of the outcome of a plan/idea until and unless you implement it. So start taking action now. You may fail or succeed but you wont come to know until you try!

So what is your creative genius? Please share your ideas in the comments below. Would love to read and exchange thoughts!

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