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4 Tips for exceptional patient experience in your hospital

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Patient experience is fundamental to the healthcare industry. The profession is not just about clinical care anymore but requires care that addresses every aspect of patients’ encounter with a hospital, including their physical and emotional needs.

People always remember how you made them feel and you should be sensitive to it. Let’s look at some simple initiatives you can take to provide a better patient experience.

Build a culture of compassion

Create an environment which makes your patients comfortable and at home. It’s important to develop a culture of compassion in your hospital. Be sensitive to the needs of your patients and have one on one interactions to establish an emotional connect build trust.

Listen to your patients and employees

To understand your patient’s needs it’s important to listen to them carefully, acknowledge both the good and bad and most importantly engage. Tell them how important their opinion is to you and you are willing to go that extra mile to provide them a stellar experience. It’s equally important to keep the channels of communication open with your employees and encourage them to speak the truth. If your team is sugar coating every information they share with you then it does not mean the problem is not there. It’s only going to delay the resolution and amplify the problem.

Encourage collaboration between departments

Departments are used to function the way they have been doing for ages. They have their own metrics to track and targets to meet. As long as their “targets are met” they consider themselves to be successful. The need of the hour however is that all the departments in your hospital work in unison towards a common goal of better customer experience. You should ensure a consistent delivery of patient-centered care across departments. Create a platform/medium where all the departments collaborate, deliver and evaluate change. Technology is a great enabler here. Use it to your advantage.

Be flexible to change

Always remember your policies and processes are in place to provide better and efficient service. It’s important to review them from time to time. If they are not fulfilling what they are supposed to or there is a better way to accomplish something, try it. The idea is to make small incremental changes. Measure its impact and either retract and try something different or iterate and replicate.

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