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5 Critical ACTIONS that Every Customer Experience Manager MUST take

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Getting a happy customer is both challenging and fun. Nothing can be more rewarding than to see a customer happy because of you and the service that you have rendered! As a Customer Experience Manager, you get to create memorable experiences for your customers. But we know that it is not an easy job! One has to push boundaries and be really focused to achieve exceptional degrees of customer service. Today we are sharing some of the most important actions that every customer experience professional must take to achieve their goals. Here they are:

1. Know your product from the customer’s perspective

Maybe you were an integral part of the product development team. You therefore know how it was made, what it can do, and what it can’t. But have you looked at your product from a customer’s perspective? The best way to understand the customer’s experience with your product is to experience it yourself! Use your product as a customer and get into every minor detail of the product. This not only helps you empathise with your customers’ experience with the product, but also gives you another chance to identify and resolve any outstanding defects in your product.

2. Listen attentively to your customers

Pay attention to your customer’s feedback – both negative and positive. You’d agree that, on a customer service call, there is nothing more annoying than the customer service agent not listening to your problem completely and jumping to solutions. Customers often get mad if they are not heard. Sometimes the customer won’t provide you with enough information. Not every customer is as eloquant in explaining their problem as you’d like him to be. Indeed these are challenges that we have to overcome. It’s important to ask the right questions and then listen, listen attentively and ask more probing questions if you still don’t get enough information to serve the customer in the best possible way. In an earlier article, we shared 10 simple tips for smart and creative ways to improve customer communication that positively impacts the customer experience. Here’s an interesting example:


3. Never mislead your customers

A good customer experience professional will never mislead his customer for short term benefits. As a customer experience professional, it is your job to set the customer expectation right. By over promising a customer, which people are generally inclined to do in order to please the customer, you’d strain your delivery team and ultimately run the risk of not meeting your promises with the customer. This situation is worse than not making the promise at all. Instead guide your customer properly and if it helps solve your customer, let your customer go to your competitor. We believe that by letting your customers go to your competition if that helps solve their problem better, you’d win the customer for life!

4. Be accountable for delivering nothing but exceptional customer experience

We believe that customer experience should be everyone’s responsibility in an organisation. In order to deliver customer delight sustainably and across every touchpoint, you need to create a common sense of purpose around delivering exceptional customer experience to every customer. Make yourself accountable for delivering exceptional customer experience and get everybody onboard. There are several powerful reasons why it is worth spending the time in getting your team onboard. However, you have to stand up to the task and take ownership of delivering nothing but exceptional customer experience. Without that, the enthusiasm will just fizzle out!

5. Always keep thinking about creating memorable experiences

It is becoming increasingly important for brands to deliver memorable customer experience. Research has shown that the power of branding and advertising is falling.

Power of persuasion

As a customer experience professional, you need to keep thinking about how to create memorable experiences. Most of the times surprising your customers with goodies and just appreciating their business helps. But more than that, creating a consistent customer experience throughout the customer journey is required. It is important to create internal teams that propagate new initiatives around customer experience. It is also critical to get the top management buy in, because there will be several initiatives which would require budget and resource allocation. Without your CEO bought into the ROI of great customer experience, it will be impossible to see your efforts bear fruit.

In conclusion, it is your job to make customer experience a part of everybody’s job in your company. We would love to hear more ideas from our readers. Please share your comments and suggestions below.

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