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5 Great Customer Experience Lessons you NEVER Thought you could Learn From Kids!

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

After a full 8 months, I got to see my four-year-old niece, who was at my place last weekend. With work and home keeping me busy otherwise, it becomes tough to spend time with her. But I was off work for last week and we had a great time bonding: laughing at the silliest of things, eating the unhealthiest of things and watching the silliest of the cartoons. After she left, it felt like my life was filled with a void, something that I really don’t enjoy.

You look at kids all around and it definitely seems like they are on a mission to create happiness all around. Kids are awesome. Period. They are carefree, irresponsible and live for the moment. They are fun to be with and say the darnedest things when asked about anything. And when they giggle, aaah! it is the most beautiful sound ever heard. I was wondering how they just manage to be happy all the time. These mundane worries of getting to work and managing the household are all problems that creep up with age!

There are tons of things that you can learn from these little angels and monsters boxed into one. Firstly, they teach us how to live life to the fullest, not worrying about the banal chores. They don’t shy away from giving an honest opinion – they will blurt out things and tell things as they see it. So, if you have put on weight, you have. Manipulation is not something they have learned. And boy, are they curious! Always hungry for food and information at the same time.

I couldn’t help but believe that apart from these life lessons, kids can definitely teach all of us a lesson or two about customer experience. They happen to have their own theories about the world around them and can heavily influence how you manage your business and customers.

Let us look at some interesting things that kids can teach us about Customer Experience:

Stay hungry

All children are naturally curious as they are trying to understand the world around them. They will stop, observe and question. Why is the sky blue? Why are we eating chicken tonight? Why can’t I watch some more TV? In the same way, as a business, you also need to be as inquisitive as possible about your customers. Start focussing on and hearing their feedback and suggestions. Find out what their needs are, how you can serve them better, how you can add value and what they are not happy with. This will help improve your service levels providing an all-new customer experience in the long run.

Have the spirit to move ahead

When kids make a mistake or fall in the mud, they are quick to get up, brush themselves and carry on as if nothing ever happened. As a business, we should adopt the same attitude to move ahead even on our worst days. We may have disappointed some customers on a particular day, but if we are serious and are looking to make up for it, then we should just get up, roll our sleeves and DO the job! Our customers will definitely notice and respect that. The succeeding actions would be proof that we care about our customers!

Mirror and Empathise with others

Children are constantly imitating adults, in speech and action. It helps them learn the ways of the world and experience the world. Similarly, putting yourself in the customers’ shoes will help you gain a better understanding of their requirements. This exercise will eventually help you to better customer understanding and will thus result in increased satisfaction and increased customer experience levels.

Be imaginative

Have you seen kids play ‘Doctor-Doctor’ or ‘Tea Party’? There is immense imagination and innovation at work here. Look at them playing with legos or with clay – some things that they build are amazingly creative! Not to forget, they are extremely meticulous and detailed with their work. This same concept can be used to identify and create personalities of your respective customers. This information can be added to the already existing information you have, resulting in a better understanding of customer behaviours. This will help an organization to forecast the customer response to different types of experiences.

Similarly, adopting a culture of innovation in your workspace will ignite this same creativity in your employees; they will come up with amazing and fresh ideas on enhancing service levels.

Be on a mission to create happiness

Kids are usually happy and they try their best to make everyone happy around them as well.  Similarly, companies must at all times attempt to have a happy customer base. However, it is important to remember that apart from customers, it is of paramount importance to create happiness amongst employees.

At the end of it all, it’s surprising how many things can be adopted from kids. The above practices will definitely take you on an awesome journey of customer experience and customer satisfaction. Try them out and let us know how they work for you.

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