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5 Hidden Customer Experience Lessons The OSCARS teach us Every Year

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

The Oscars need no introduction. One hears the name and images of the grandeur, the impeccably dressed celebrities, the paparazzi and the iconic britannium statue flash across the mind. They are the ultimate recognition that one can receive in the field of films and film-making. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every movie in this world is made with a secret desire to make it to the nominations. The fame isn’t just limited to movies. Because of the illustrious image the name projects, there exist some companies that hashtag Oscars in their posts as a marketing strategy in the hope of getting noticed!

From holding the first award ceremony before an audience of 270 in 1929 to hosting in front of some 40 million viewers – both live and virtual, The Academy Awards have come a really long way as an awe-inspiring and intimidating brand. They have set the highest standards not only for the film fraternity but also for its peer award ceremonies.

There are substantial qualitative and quantitative lessons that the king of award ceremonies teaches us in terms customer experience. Here are a few of them!

1. Create an aura around your brand

Brand Oscars is one of the most respected and revered ones in the world. It needs absolutely no marketing! Its customer base is loyal and unwavering. It also doesn’t have any competition and stands tall as the leader. An organization must aim to be exactly that with respect to customer centricity.

When certain movies which otherwise don’t do well in the box office bag an Oscar, there is a new found respect for the movie by the audience! Also, a brand should give the customers what they need even before the customers can introspect and find out. This way, a huge amount of faith is developed towards the brand for all its actions.

Did you also notice that The Oscars do not really use a sponsor to promote themselves. Simply because these awards don’t need any marketing!!

2. Keep your audience engaged

Right from creating a buzz by announcing the nominees months earlier to being absolutely entertaining on stage, The Oscars sweep the trophy for keeping the audience engaged! Similarly, a brand could give a sneak peak to its audience about its new range of products, keeping its customers engaged.

To be crisp and to the point without sounding too serious is an art one could gladly learn from the Oscars. A brand is known not just for its quality products but also for its presentation and engagement skills with employees as well as customers.

3. Recognise the unsung heroes

There is so much talent out there and not everybody gets recognised. However, The Oscars do a fantastic job of identifying the hidden gems and presenting them to the world. A brand needs to do the same with its employees and award or reward them for their exceptional performances. You keep the employees in good spirits, they bring customers in good numbers! It is that simple!!

4. Make your customers wait for your next product

Ah! Don’t The Oscars do that always? Soon after the ceremony for one year is aired, people are already waiting for the next one! As a brand, aspire to do absolutely the same: create a buzz and get the customers to keep following you fervently!

5. Be the pioneer!

The Oscars are the pioneers of the entertainment awards! All the other awards, such as The Emmy Awards for television and the Grammy Awards for music have taken inspiration from and are modelled after the Academy Awards. As a brand, aim to be the market leader and get your competitors to imitate you. Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery?

To sum it up, The Oscars have such a magnetic aura around it that every actor is looking adorn his cupboard with one of it. Make your brand such that everyone would like to be associated with you! Are there any other customer experience lessons that this coveted award can teach us? Do let us know your feedback!

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