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5 Must Have skills for a Chief Customer Officer to infinitely propel a Customer-Centric Organisation

Written by: Kushal Dev, Co-Founder – Customer Guru

Managing customer expectation is very reactive in nature. Companies need to move beyond quick fixes and focus on building a culture which is centered around delivering an immaculate customer experience. In such a scenario, the role of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) has a huge role to play. The Chief Customer Officer’s role is to unite the leadership in this vision and the following competencies will guide the CCO to succeed

Ability to Honour and manage customers as assets

Align leadership around the defining performance metric – the growth or loss of customers. As a CCO you need to establish an engine which generates customer asset metrics and unite the leadership to stand behind this data around which business decisions can be based.

Align around Experience and earn the right to Customer Asset growth

Work on giving your customers a one company experience. Change the conversations on customers from a silo-based approach to collaborative conversations on customer experiences across the journey they have with your organisation. Shift focus from the performance of individual projects taken up by departments and bring accountability on customer life improvement.

Building a customer listening path

Define a customer journey framework with a listening system which is constantly updated to give you a complete picture of customer delight at different stages of the customer journey. Multiple sources of information allow you to focus on areas connected to customer growth and ultimately driving results.

Proactively predict performance, rebuild and innovate at key customer touch points

Identify the touch points which matter the most to the customers. The experience delivered to customers at these touch points define whether they will stay, leave, do more business or recommend you to friends and family. The role of the Chief Customer Officer is to drive the executive inclination to understand the impact of these touch points on customer’s lives and find ways to constantly improve these interactions.

Building the Culture

To build a customer-centric culture you need to move beyond the manifesto and prove it through action. The CCO needs to work with the Leadership to define behaviours and decisions which showcase the leadership commitment to the cause and also provide a guideline to the people which they can understand and emulate.

These five competencies help you connect to growth and bring an attitude shift in an organisation to improve customer lives. Details on how to implement it in your organisation, backed by interesting real-life stories is best illustrated by Jeanne Bliss’s book Chief Customer Officer 2.0 . Do read it here to kickstart your customer experience journey and take off years from your learning curve.

Do you want to
improve your
Customer Experience?

Get FREE web class to uncover the secrets that Startups to Fortune 500 companies are using right now!


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