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5 tips to design a successful customer feedback survey

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

A well-crafted customer feedback survey is a great enabler for you to listen proactively to what your customers have to say. Getting a customer’s attention for a feedback response is not easy and if you have that small window of opportunity make sure to conduct that survey right. Here are 5 tips for you design a survey which your customers will love to answer:

  1. Short is effective – on a day to day basis your average consumer may use products/services from around 20 other companies. Imagine if all these companies send feedback surveys to your customers which take 10-15 minutes each to complete. That’s around 1/5th of your average consumer’s life cumulatively spent on filling surveys! So if you are designing long surveys, please save your and your customer’s valuable time. Think it again. A short and crisp survey takes less time and is easy to comprehend as well. The focus shifts to quickly resolve customer issues than spend a lot of time to make sense of customer feedback.
  2. Make it mobile responsive – More and more internet traffic is driven by mobile. Gen X, Y, and their Grandmoms are on it. Tolerance for anything which is poorly designed and not mobile responsive is low. A tap and type feedback system optimized for the mobile makes it easy and quick to respond. Improving engagement and response rate.
  3. Omnichannel – Customers interact with you in person, on your website, through a mobile app, email and social media. It’s important that you hear them out through all these mediums at different touch-points and stages of engagement. Customers should have the liberty to choose where, when and how they want to give you a feedback and you should be equipped to hear, acknowledge and engage.
  4. Know your customer and do not ask what you already know –The beauty of your neighbourhood store was the personal connection. The store owners knew you and your neighbours by the first name. You may or may not trust them but repeat business was an outcome of this personal relationship. In the business of scalability where every business is targeting new markets and geographies maintaining the personal touch requires technology. Use it effectively to give your customers a personal touch with minimal intervention at every touch point. This not only connects you better with your customers but provides valuable client data to identify their needs and align your value offering.
  1. Be clear in your request; commit and communicate– Most importantly, a clear communication stating that its a small survey which will take “2 minutes, 23 second” on an average to complete will help customers understand what they are getting into and better chances of a response. Commit to take action and make sure to communicate to your customers the actions you intend to or have already taken!


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