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5 tips to make you the Customer Experience Rockstar in 2016

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Customers are loaded with information. They are aware of the pros and cons of the products in the market and are making informed choices. I believe that in this noise your differentiator from competition is the experience that you provide to them. Below are 5 tips on how you can become a customer experience roackstar in this information age.

1. Meet your customers where they want to

Customers are on the go, they are connecting with you when, where and how they feel like. Their channels of interaction are no longer just on emails or phones. To engage with your customers, you need to understand their preferred channels be it your portal, app, chat, social media or offline. Your messaging also needs to evolve accordingly. Page long collaterals and marketing brochures do not make sense anymore. Technology comes to your rescue to bail you from this tech jigsaw. Identify the preferred communication channel across the customer journey and train, measure and improve your team to use these channels effectively.

2. Think like your customers

You need to understand that there is a lot of information available for your customers to consume, process and comprehend. Solutions are available to help you understand what your customers are looking for across channels. Identify these opportunities and mould your marketing messaging accordingly. Afterall it’s the limited mindshare in the limited timespan that you need to put your message across. Use an element of surprise to grab your customer’s attention and put your crystallised marketing message which your customers have been reaching out to you for.

3. Place customer before the product

It’s important to understand that the reason you are building the product is the customer. The customer needs to feel valued and not like a part of a herd which is bombarded with the same mass marketing junk sent through an automated system with no personalisation whatsoever. Organisations are losing the personal connection which the neighbourhood stores had earlier. Targeted, personalised value offering to customers, while not being too intrusive, is a business necessity to stand out of the competition.

4. The brand experience matters, it’s not just the product

Customers are loyal to the experience not to the product. Products are easy to replicate but a good customer experience culture is a radical shift in ideology. It takes will and consistent effort to bring about this shift. Organisations need to strive for customer delight at every touch point as every interaction is an opportunity to build or deplete customer loyalty.

5. Make it a collective effort

The customer does not see your front line different from your sales. It’s the brand the customer is interacting with and not your team A or team B. To build trust customers need to have a similar experience and messaging across the touch points, be it your marketing collaterals, sales pitch or product delivery. To ensure this you need to have your teams on the same platform. So break the walls, make your teams sit across tables and make sure they interact!

I believe that the key to survival in this ever-evolving market is to be curious, open to change, experiment and EVOLVE!

What else do you think the customers are looking for? Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and ideas!

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