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7 Customer Experience Experts You Should Follow

Want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest customer experience tactics? These are the people you should be following.

Customer experience is still an emerging field of study and most business leaders are learning by doing. While there is a host of information out there, it is easier if you know what the experts are saying. Here is a list of seven customer experience experts you should follow on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay ahead on everything related to customer experience.

Fred Reichheld

Fellow at Bain & Company, best selling author, speaker, and creator of the Net Promoter System®, Fred has been called the “high priest of loyalty” by The Economist. He is a leading voice and a strong advocate of employing the “Golden rule” to create customer and employee loyalty. According to The New York Times, “[he] put loyalty economics on the map.”

Rob Markey

Co-author of ‘The Ultimate Question 2.0’, Rob heads Bain & Company’s global Customer Strategy and Marketing Practice. He is a keynote speaker and through his NPS Loyalty Forum, he brought together, for the first time, business leaders from across the world to share best practices in creating a culture of customer advocacy.

Micah Solomon

Micah Solomon is a renowned keynote speaker on customer service and customer experience,. He has written 100+ articles on covering customer experience, customer service, and corporate culture that foster loyalty. Author of bestselling “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization”, Micah is a leading voice in creating outstanding customer experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with some of the leading brands in creating the “Five-Star” experience

Adam Ramshaw

An entrepreneur and customer experience consultant, Adam is a regular contributor on various customer experience and customer feedback forums on LinkedIn. His blog on Genroe is a gold mine of information covering customer experience, customer feedback management, and research on key customer loyalty trends. Adam is a keynote speaker at industry forums and conferences in Australia. He works with global B2B and B2C organization to build a customer centric corporate culture.

John Formica

John is an “Ex-Disney Guy” and Customer Experience Coach. He has been successful in showing businesses, teams and communities how to create a Disney-like experience and culture. He is a leading contributor to Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries alike. He brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experiences to his keynotes and seminars. John is consistently helping his clients create a magical customer experience like Disney.

Rod Butcher

As erstwhile Global Head of Customer Experience and Insights at Aviva, Rod brings with him a strong track record in driving systematic improvements in the customer experience. He is recognized as a customer experience leader and his roundups provide great insights on creating a rewarding customer focused culture.

Michel Falcon

Learning his way through experience, Michel is a renowned customer and employee experience keynote speaker. He has worked with and coached senior managers at leading brands in North America. Michel’s energy is infectious and his views on customer experience an eye opener. He has been featured and has contributed on Time Magazine, Yahoo Small Business Advisors, Yahoo Finance, Forbes,, BC Business, Business Talk Radio, Business2Community, and 1to1 Media.

Do you follow any other customer experience evangelists and like what they say? Let us know in your comments below!

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