About the firm

Customer Guru is a boutique consulting firm that helps its clients become customer centric. From implementing the best customer experience metric to supporting change management, Customer Guru also sets up the right team structure and processes. Along with consulting, it also specialises in implementing leading customer feedback management tools.

Customer Guru has been working with big and small businesses in healthcare, hospitality, financial services, business services, technology, and e-commerce to put customer at the heart of every business decision. Through its quantifiable, process and technology driven methodology, Customer Guru is on a mission to build happier customer base for its clients.

The Team


Vivek Jaiswal

Co-founder and Director

Vivek is an extremely passionate customer-experience consultant. He believes that in today’s ever-connected and informed consumer base, it is imperative for organizations to listen to the voice of their customers and focus on delivering exceptional customer experience. He has extensive experience in working with global brands to help them with their customer-experience strategies.


Kushal Dev

Co-founder and Director

Kushal is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned business leader with experience in deploying customer-centric growth strategies for several organizations around the world. He is an expert management consultant who has a knack for numbers. Having worked in industries ranging from real estate and retail to technology and resource management, he is poised to understand the clients’ business needs.