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How to achieve your Customer Experience GOAL?

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Customer experience is a game and each organisation must look at winning the game. There is no middle ground here – either you win or you lose. Hence, it is of paramount importance to set goals, practice, motivate the team and do whatever it takes to win the game. Do you see how winning the customer experience game is akin to winning any game? Here are a few tips that will help you win the customer experience game.

1. Set right, measurable goals

The first step to winning a game is setting the right goal. Question yourself and understand what you want to achieve? Also remember that a goal that cannot be measured cannot be achieved. Hence, an important step to meeting your customer experience target is to set a goal that you can measure. For example, becoming ‘better‘ at retaining customers is not really measurable. In contrast, ‘reducing customer churn by 10% with respect to the last quarter’ is actionable and measurable. Don’t we do this when we play a sport? Our goals are always on lines of ‘beating team X to win this championship’ or ‘scoring 300+ runs in this match’ and not ‘becoming a good cricket-playing team’.

2. Carefully draft your strategy

Companies that want to deliver an outstanding customer experience must focus on creating strategies that will enable them to wow the customer. This must be done keeping the customer in mind. The organisation must, firstly, understand what the customer wants and what the pain-points are and then build a robust but flexible plan of action. This includes selecting the appropriate metrics, the right CRM tools, the right technology solution, and the best marketing tools to deliver value to the customer and engage them to create a last customer relationship. This also includes hiring the right team and letting go of those who do not fit the company’s culture.

Is this not what we do when we have to win a cricket match? Arm ourselves with the best headgear, the right pads, and the bat before we can swoop in and hit the ball for a six!

3.  Practice!

They say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. A sure way of reaching a goal is ensuring you have enough stamina and motivation to achieve success when it matters the most, and only practice can ensure that. Practicing rigorously makes one anticipate exigencies that may occur, makes one more confident and certainly makes one reach the goal quicker. Customer experience is no different. The management of every company must ensure that its team has the right skill training and support to win the game. It must ensure that employees feel empowered and confident to resolve issues that come up.

4. Ensure that the team is in loop

Similar to any sport, customer experience is a team game. We have, time and again, heard that customer experience is not a department; it is the entire organisation. It is then obvious that the team that works most cohesively is the one that will win. Hence, employees across departments must be kept aware of the customer experience goal and what is expected out of them. The customer experience goal must be communicated to them unambiguously and they must be motivated to ensure that they help in every possible way to win the game. It is important that employees understand that the customer interacts with many departments across his journey with the organisation and that he must experience an amazing and consistent service across all touch points.

5. Monitor the progress

Unless we keep a periodic check on our goals and review our progress, we are likely to veer off from our path. It is essential to schedule regular meetings with the employees to check on roadblocks and the progress.

Do you agree that customer experience is a game? Are there any other pointers that will help organisations reach their customer experience goals effectively? Do let us know your feedback.

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