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AMAZINGLY SHOCKING customer experience stories! (Part 10)

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

A Frontier Airlines pilot delights his passengers who were stranded at the airport due to bad weather, and how!! Read on and find out.

It was July 2014. Frontier Airlines Flight 719 left from Washington to Denver at 6.40 PM as scheduled. However, due to the bad weather conditions, the flight made a halt at Cheyenne, Wyoming for a couple of hours. All of us who have been left languishing on the runway can definitely empathize with the 157 passengers on the flight. One tends to get increasingly irritable as hunger pangs and claustrophobia make their way felt. Very obviously, the passengers began getting restless and agitated.

But not all of us are as lucky as the passengers on the flight!

Imagine the absolute delight of the passengers when the captain made an announcement that he had ordered pizzas for all of them! “He said: ‘ladies and gentleman, Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the US, but your captain is not cheap … I just ordered pizza for the entire plane,’” passenger Logan Marie Torres said. The entire plane was reported to have erupted in applause as soon as the Domino’s pizzas arrived.

Another passenger, Nadia Kouri, tweeted: “Bad news: my Denver flight was sent to WY due to this storm. Good news: the pilot ordered pizza!”

Look for yourself on what an amazingly shocking experience the customers had!
Pizza delivered

Pilot Gerhard Bradner paid for the pizzas on his own and did not ask the airline for any reimbursement, a spokesperson for the airline said. “If the need arises you need to take care of your family; you need to take care of your passengers. They are my responsibility the moment they step on the aircraft until they get off the aircraft,” Bradner said.

How often have we heard someone say that?! Truly, a great customer experience story! Not surprising then that no passenger seemed unhappy even after the flight reached 5 hours after the scheduled time.

Source: Best delay ever? Hungry pilot buys pizza for entire plane

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