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Amazingly shocking customer experience stories! (Part 3)

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

In this series of posts, we are bringing some amazing customer experience stories that are going to leave you astonished, but with a smile on your face!

Ritz-Carlton wows its customer, and how!

The luxury hotel chain Ritz-Carlton is known for providing its customers with exceptional experience and delight. Many a times, we hear heads of organizations of varied industries saying that they’d aspire to be the ‘Ritz-Carlton’ of their respective industry.

Read on to know how Ritz-Carlton provided exemplary customer service. Something every organization must take inspiration from.

In 2012, Chris Hurn, founder, and CEO of Fountainhead Commercial Capital wrote about the absolute delight they experienced, thanks to Ritz-Carlton. Hurn’s wife and their two kids had spent a few days at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island (Florida). Once they were back, they realized that Joshie, their son’s beloved stuffed toy – a giraffe, got left behind. Hurn’s son was heart-broken and was finding it difficult to go to sleep in the absence of his companion. (Have a look at Joshie in the picture below!) That was when Hurn, the concerned parent told him a lie – that Joshie was taking a longer vacation and was still at the resort.

Hurn got a call from the resort telling him that Joshie was safe and sound at the resort, under the care of the Loss Prevention team. He confessed to them the lie that he had told his son and made the team a request –  to click a few pictures of Joshie by the poolside on a lounge chair.

A couple of days later the Hurns received a package from the resort. In the package came Joshie, along with some merchandise from Ritz-Carlton like a football, frisbee etc. But that was not all! The package also had a binder that meticulously documented Joshie’s stay at the resort and all the fun he’d had.

Here is proof of the amazing time that Joshie had.

Joshie chilling by the poolside:


Joshie making other friends:


Joshie getting a massage at the spa:


Joshie driving a golf cart on the beach:


Joshie was also made a member of the Loss Prevention Team! Here is his ID card:

ID Card

After this experience, Ritz-Carlton definitely found a customer for life, and rightly so!

Wasn’t that a truly incredible example of how you can totally WOW your customer? Have you had similar wonderful experiences ever? Do let us know!

Source: Huffington Post; Stuffed Giraffe Shows What Customer Service Is All About, 18/05/2012


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