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AMAZINGLY SHOCKING customer experience stories! (Part 4)

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Morton’s The Steakhouse literally goes the ‘extra mile’ to provide stupendous customer experience.

Read on to find out!

In August 2011, author and entrepreneur Peter Shankman experienced amazing customer service, thanks to Morton’s. Shankman knew he was going to have a long, busy and tiring day; he was to catch a 7 AM flight out of Newark to reach Florida, and return by 9 PM. He also knew that this chock-a-block schedule would hardly give him the time to pick dinner on his way back home.

A self-confessed steak lover, Shankman began having visions of steak when he was on his flight back to Newark. He picked up his phone and jokingly tweeted to Morton’s.


Shankman was only joking and had absolutely no expectation from the tweet. A couple of hours later, Shankman alighted at the Newark Liberty International Airport. He began walking towards the parking area, keeping a look-out for his driver. He finally saw his name on a placard, waved to his driver and began his walk towards him. That is when his driver mentioned to him that he had a surprise waiting.

Shankman turned to see another man in a tuxedo standing beside his driver. And what he noticed next was that the man was holding a Morton’s bag! Alex, the representative from Morton’s then told him that he had brought him a 24 oz. Porterhouse steak, an order of  Colossal Shrimp, a side of potatoes and bread.

Shankman was zapped – this was THE quintessential example of customer experience. He also analysed that the closest Morton’s outlet was 23.5 miles away from the airport. This meant that, in just under a few hours, Morton’s saw the tweet, acknowledged it, got his request sanctioned, communicated this to the local Morton’s outlet, tracked his flight and handed it over to him.


Isn’t that an absolutely incredible story?!

Obviously, Shankman thanked Morton’s for their outstanding service. And there is little doubt that Morton’s found a customer for life.


Do let us know if you have had similar outstandingly brilliant customer-service experiences! We’d be glad to hear them, and write about them too!

Source: The greatest customer service story ever told, starring Morton’s Steakhouse; Peter Shankman, 17 Aug 2011

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