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AMAZINGLY SHOCKING customer experience stories! (Part 5)

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart, goes out of its way to help a customer, providing excellent customer service!

Rajagopal Natarajan was due to travel by train the next day. He agreed with the old saying that there is no better travel companion than a book. Since he did not have enough time to buy a book, he did the next best thing he could – order one online. This happened to be through the India’s biggest e-commerce website, Flipkart.

The delivery address was in Bangalore and Mr. Natarajan was promised a delivery time of 3 working days. However, regular Indian online shoppers would know from experience that purchases to big cities generally happen on the same day. Mr. Natarajan assumed the same and went ahead with the order.

However, what Mr. Natarajan had not anticipated was that Flipkart had scaled up, and had added new warehouses within the city and had more than doubled their logistics team. And because of all the new processes and teams, there were some unexpected inefficiencies and delays.

The shipment had not arrived until noon the day Mr. Natarajan was due to travel. Not taking anything away from Flipkart, as they still had a couple of business days to deliver the consignment to their client.

It was then that Mr. Natarajan called the Customer Care at Flipkart and explained his situation to them. That he had hoped that, like always, Flipkart would deliver his order the same day and that he would have his travel companion with him. The executive immediately gave him the contact number of the delivery in charge of the warehouse where his book was available. Mr. Natarajan called them to check on the status of the delivery, but what happened next took him by surprise.

The delivery in charge and his colleague literally ‘went the extra mile’ and travelled more than 15 kms to deliver the book at his office!! On a general Bangalore-day, the distance would take over an hour to cover. What is even more commendable is that the book cost only Rs. 150 (just around $2.5). Very obviously, it was not required of them that the book be delivered that day, but then, isn’t that what great customer service is all about?

Do let us know if you have experienced such amazing gestures from any organization and we will be more than glad to publish them for you.

Source: “What is your favourite going the extra mile customer services story?”; Quora

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