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AMAZINGLY SHOCKING customer experience stories! (Part 6)

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

American Express rescues one of its customers on foreign land and wins his loyalty for life!

This week’s amazingly shocking customer experience story comes from one of our readers, Harsh Pareek. He has one of the greatest experience to share about American Express and its outstanding service! Most of us who have traveled out of the country, and have been left stranded because of credit card problems would definitely relate to this story.

It was 4 AM in the morning. Harsh had landed in Singapore, jet-lagged and very tired, for a business trip spanning 3-4 days. He had pre-booked a hotel for himself near Orchid Road. American Express had just then introduced its chip and PIN-enabled card at specific point-of-sale terminals across various worldwide locations. This was in due compliance with the RBI regulations. All of us would empathize with the fact that new PINs are super confusing and difficult to remember. Harsh was stuck in the same situation! He went blank when he was asked for the PIN. On trying further PIN combinations, the obvious and inevitable happened – his card got blocked.

Fortunately, his boss who was traveling with him offered her personal credit card and he was able to procure the room for himself. (Wow! How many of us have bosses like that!?)

To try and resolve the problem at the earliest, Harsh called the American Express India office. He tried doing so from a public booth with whatever cents he had in his pocket. However, the attempt proved futile because he quickly ran out of coins. Feeling helpless, he made another attempt to call Amex India call-centre from the phone in the hotel lobby. This time, he succeeded. Harsh was connected to Amex’s call centre in India where an executive named Gaurav Arora came to his rescue.

Gaurav ensured that he kept Harsh updated on the status of the card. Also, since Harsh was unavailable at his room in the first instance, Gaurav made multiple calls until he could reach him. By 4 PM the same day, Gaurav had arranged for a temporary card to be delivered to Harsh through American Express Singapore. Not just that, he also made sure that it was activated from the Amex India office by arranging for a security phone call. Imagine after all these years, Harsh still remembers the name of the executive. Gaurav Arora provided such exemplary service that Harsh has been a die-hard Amex fan since then! Isn’t that truly amazing!?

Once Harsh was back in India, Amex issued a new card to him. He has been a loyal Amex customer since 2008 and swears by their service. But then, who wouldn’t when they get to experience service which is so stellar.

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