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AMAZINGLY Shocking Customer Experience Story: Bungie shows how to empathise with customers

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Empathy has proved time and again to be a fail proof strategy to win customers for a lifetime. Businesses that empathise with their customer’s problems, produce the most innovative solution that people love. It is an unavoidable virtue to be imbibed by all businesses.

This particular story tells us how empathising with customers is a great thing! Here is a story of how Bungie Studios went overboard to put a smile on its customer’s face.

U.S based Bungie Inc. is known to be one of the most sought after game developers of the world. In 2013, one of its young customers had to miss playing the newest release of his favourite video game franchise by Bungie: Halo. This was owing to his liver transplant operation for which he had to be hospitalised. His distraught father decided to reach out to Bungie to help his son deal with the situation better. He put up his request on Reddit. And within hours, plenty of Redditors began helping him to get in touch with Bungie. Soon enough, the news request caught the eye of Eric Osborne, the Community Manager at Bungie.


How Bungie responded to the request is an amazing example of how an organisation can go above and beyond the call of its duty. The father and son were showered with responses in unexpected ways. First, they received a ‘Get Well Soon’ card signed by the entire Bungie team.

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That apart, he received some amazing goodies from Bungie including a custom helmet that the main character wears in the game, some shirts, toys and custom art from the game designers! Imagine his thrill in feeling like Master Chief (the main character) after wearing that helmet! Look at the picture below:

helmet 1      helmet 2

Bungie did not stop with that. They sent over one of their employees, Christine to deliver the goods and this visit brought about a positive change in the boy.


The father was undoubtedly elated and grateful on seeing his son in high spirits in spite of the debilitating surgery that the boy was put through. He reciprocated the wonderful gesture by Bungie, by spreading the story in the virtual world through a series of photos in Reddit captioned, ‘Bungie is an amazing company

Isn’t that a heartwarming story? Bungie did the most it could by empathising with its customer, feeling his pain and helping him in whatever way it could. The company’s team effort towards making the boy smile is worthy of acknowledgement. No surprise that this remains one of the most talked about stories of amazing customer experiences!


Isn’t it amazing to be the reason for someone’s smile? And isn’t it such a great feeling when your customers rave about the fantastic customer experience you provide? Once you have managed to touch the heart of the customers, you are bound to move up the ladder of stature and success. I am sure there are many more such inspirational stories about companies that go the extra mile. We look forward to hearing it from you in our comments section below! Type away!

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