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Amazingly SHOCKING Customer Experience Story – Wife said ‘No’, Apple said ‘Yes’!

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

It has become almost like a habit for Apple to surprise its customers. It continues to be a model company for many others for its clear futuristic vision and seamless designs. Customers rave about the company’s unique ways of connecting with them. It is no news that there are a lot of happy customer experience stories about Apple. But this particular story might make your eyes wide!

When Apple’s iPad 2 was new in the market, some of the customers were returning theirs on the grounds of backlight bleeding. Apple was closely watching the returns in order to work on the defects and send back a flawless product to its customers. But there was one customer who returned for a very unusual reason. This particular anonymous customer returned his iPad 2 with a post-it that read ‘Wife said NO’. What’s interesting is that this particular return, amongst the pile of other defective pieces, caught the eyes of two senior executives at Apple. And what appears silly to us appeared funny to Apple! Apple decided to respond to this particular customer with the same whimsical attitude and how? It sent a new iPad 2 back to him with a post it on the cover saying, ‘Apple said Yes!’; and much to his delight, refunded the money too!

The story does have quite a ‘happily ever after’ ending. The wife is happy as there is no money spent, the customer; happy that he got his iPad 2 back and Apple; happy for earning yet another amazing customer experience story!

What makes this a great customer experience story is not just that the customer got a free iPad 2. Amidst all those returns, a company is expected to be under huge pressure and a foul mood. But Apple expressed an appreciative attitude through its ‘customer is always first no matter what’ approach. The higher you are in the ladder to success, the harder you fall; but how well you handle it shows your class. Many such startling acts from Apple has won the trust and the heart of many customers. It is no fairytale story that its customers make sure Apple continues to stay ahead of the race!

This story shows that no matter how big an organisation is, as long as it stays close to its customers, it will keep winning more of them. Are there other such amazingly shocking customer experience stories that you have read about or have been a part of? We would love to hear and share it with the world on your behalf!

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