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Celebrating International Women’s Day: a few lessons on Customer Experience from Women

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

A woman is the most wonderful and the best creation of God. We know how she can be gentle yet strong, tender yet resolute and delicate yet determined. She can change roles with ease, moving from being a tough taskmaster at work to being a loving mother and wife at home.

On Women’s Day today, we at Customer Guru think this is the best time to pay a tribute to the best that has happened to mankind. Let’s look at a few lessons all of us can learn about customer experience from women!

Have a high emotional quotient

Emotional quotient is a person’s ability to identify, monitor, assess, control and express his/her emotions. Undoubtedly, women have a high emotional quotient and are adept at identifying emotional problems and empathising with others. They are sensitive, compassionate and deal with situations with emotional tact. They enrich all their relationships with their healing touch and with a certain depth. Emotional endurance is something women are masters at.

We do know that skills such as compassion and empathy are of paramount importance for everyone in the field of customer experience and it would be great to take a lesson or two on these skills out of a woman’s book.

Be Courageous

This quote by Margaret Thatcher explains it all:

“Being powerful is like being a lady…if you have to tell people, you aren’t”.

Women are courageous and powerful in unexplainable ways. Being in the customer experience field needs a lot of courage; one must stick to one’s words and ensure that one gets the work done for a customer’s delight. Also, when irate customers sometimes speak ill, one must also have the courage to not take things personally, get things sorted for the customer, put one’s chin up and move ahead without dwelling on such incidents.

Be patient

Everybody can definitely learn about patience from women. They are extremely patient – it is as if they were born with tremendous amounts of patience filled into them. Look at women across all walks of life – be it a girlfriend waiting for a call from her partner, a wife waiting for her husband to have a meal together, or a mother waiting for her child to come from a friend’s – women are the epitome of patience.

Customer service is not an easy job. However, for every customer service executive, it is utmost important to not lose patience with a customer. Patience is needed at all times – when dealing with customers who do not understand the product or service and when dealing with customers who are dissatisfied with the service. Impatience not only blocks a clear thinking process but also creates a negative experience for the customer.

Have a strong sense of commitment

Another exemplary quality that women possess is the ability to wholeheartedly immerse and devote themselves in any task they take up. Be it work, family, or relationships – women have a strong sense of commitment and an innate ability to involve themselves into every little thing that they do.

If all customer service executives had a similar character trait, the world would have been a happier place with few unhappy customers. How wonderful would it be if every executive is committed to making customers delighted!

Are there any other qualities that we can learn from women to help us better the customer experience for our clients? Do let us know! Until then, a very happy Women’s Day to every woman reading this post! Be happy and be proud of yourself!


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