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4 Ideas for Driving Customer Promotion via Customer Service

The days when a customer service (CS) team was strictly responsible for handling complaints from customers are long past. In this new market, your CS team has to handle plenty more than unruly and unhappy customers. Besides handling complaints, it also needs to focus on an even bigger role by taking the lead in sculpting an amazing customer experience, which ultimately cultivates high customer satisfaction that will also create customer promotion through additional recommendations and referrals from happy clients.

Too many companies haven’t shifted their focus yet toward this effective customer service strategy. They are unfortunately missing a large opportunity to improve by promotion through a solid customer service strategy. To help you take full advantage of this plan, we’re sharing a number of effective tips to help get you started.

Tip #1: Create a Customer Service Strategy and Goals Focused on Driving Customer Promotion

While developing your new customer service strategy, your CS team should develop and create goals to not only help improve your organization by providing an excellent customer experience, but they should also focus on creating goals that ultimately drive customer promotion. By strategically designing your plan this way, you can potentially turn a negative situation – a customer complaint as an example – into such a positive experience. This could actually result in the unhappy customer recommending your company to his family members, friends, friendly competitors, and coworkers.

If you fail to design your company goals using this strategy, your customer service program could potentially cause more harm than good. Not only will you fail to acquire new customers, you could potentially harm your current customer retention rates, and that would obviously create major problems for your business.

Strive to create goals focused on delivering a positive experience and promotion will follow. Some examples of an effective CS strategy include addressing questions and complaints within an hour if possible, and no later than 24 hours. Handing out custom pens, mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, and more to every client is a good idea because people love free gifts and they’ll share them with their friends. Discover customer needs through comment cards, surveys, and focus groups, and use this information to develop upcoming products and services or improve existing ones. By combining these strategies with the others mentioned below, you’ll not only create an exceptional customer experience, you’ll also gain new clients through word-of-mouth because your existing patrons will sing your praises to anyone and everyone willing to listen.

Tip #2: Make it Simple for Customers to Contact Your Business

Customer Promotion Via Easy Customer Service Contact

To really improve the customer service experience while driving customer promotion, you have to make it easy for customers to contact your business for a number of reasons. For starters, by giving customers easy ways to contact your company, you’ll make more sales because they’ll feel comfortable that they can quickly communicate with you at any time before or after the sale.

Second, people want an easy way to make complaints if they are unhappy for any reason whatsoever. By making your contact details readily available, they’ll know that they can speak to a customer service representative at any time to talk about their unhappy situation. This will not only make your current customers happy, it will also bring potential customers into the fold a lot easier.

Try to create a few different options for customers to interact with your CS team. Give them the ability to contact you via online chat, email, telephone, social media, and through surveys. By designing your customer service set up this way, you’ll make all of your current or potential customers happy by giving them many avenues to contact your business at the appropriate time.

Tip #3: Create a Simple, Hassle Free Customer Service Response Process

Customers have no interest in spending their precious and valuable time waiting to lodge a complaint with your company. Hence, you have to make the customer service response process as simple and as free of hassle as possible. By approaching customer service in this manner, you will be able to handle customer complaints quicker and you’ll cut down on additional complaints that usually come when people are unhappy with the customer service process.

So, take the necessary steps to create a straightforward and simple process. You have to make contacting your company as easy as possible to avoid any additional complaints. Your customers are looking to quickly resolve their problems, and your staff should want to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible too. Thus, create a contact resolution process that is streamlined, handles customer complaints quickly, and keeps customers as happy as possible so that they do not become disenchanted with your organization.

Tip #4: Create a 24/7 Customer Communication Experience

Customers want to feel like their needs are being met at all times. The best way to do so is to handle their queries and complaints as quickly as humanly possible. A simple way to do this is to make sure you communicate with all of your customers within a 24-hour timeframe. If you can contact them sooner, it would be even better.

When you approach customer service this way, you will meet the needs of your customers in a timely fashion. This will improve the overall customer experience, which will ultimately lead to even more sales from satisfied customers, and better yet, they’ll have no trouble recommending your organization to coworkers, friends, and family members in the future.


By taking these tips and integrating them into your customer service strategy, your organization will quickly experience the benefits of additional customer referrals via your current customers. This approach will help you create a valuable referral system that will fuel your sales machine over time. So definitely make the most of the customer service tips we’ve shared today and use them to bring additional leads and new customers into the fold on a consistent basis.

About the Author: Ashley Lipman
Ashley is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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