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How Can The Customers Improve Customer Experience?

What should customers do to claim great customer experience from any business?

All this while we have been talking about how companies can improve customer experience. I believe customers play an important role in ensuring they have a great experience; after all, they are the most important stakeholder in it. Organisations expend substantial efforts to deliver and improve exceptional customer experience. However, without the customers’ support, their efforts would go in vain. Here are a few ways how customers could actually help companies in improving customer experience:

Don’t just complain, appreciate wholeheartedly when delighted

“It is only the most disgruntled customers who give feedback” – says every company that takes regular customer feedback. It must be disheartening for companies to just receive customer complaints all the time and not receive any appreciation for their efforts in delighting the customers. There is no better way to improve someone’s motivation than sincere appreciation. As important it is to point out the bad, it is equally critical to appreciate the good. In his book “How to win friends and influence people”, Dale Carnegie emphasises the importance of appreciation in the following quote:

customers improve customer experience appreciate quote

Give honest feedback

It is not unusual to receive junk customer feedback. For some of my clients, especially in banking, insurance, telecom etc., I have observed as high as 10-15% junk feedback. Customers should understand that by providing honest feedback, they are only helping the service provider to improve its service level which in turn will positively impact the customers’ experience. The below quote, seen at many local cafés, sums it pretty well

customers improve customer experience honesty quote

Don’t hide facts

Sometimes, as customers, we are at fault but we get greedy and hide our fault in order to get a refund or replacement. It’s only human. But it would certainly help our service provider to serve us better if certain facts are not hidden, instead told upfront. For instance, it would certainly help a washing machine repairman to fix the machine if he gets to know that the machine was overloaded in the last wash, which might have broken it down.

customers improve customer experience facts quote

Think before you troll

Going out and trolling a brand on social media has become much too easy. However, you should think whether it is absolutely required; don’t do it just because you can do it! Many a times companies are making sincere efforts in resolving customer issues, and at times it takes longer than usual. It could really kill their motivation if they are trolled while doing all they could to resolve a customer’s problem. I can’t set the rules of when it is right to do so, but I would urge you to think twice before resorting to social trolling.

customers improve customer experience trolling quote

Be patient

Most of the times customers forget that the Customer Service Rep on the other side of the telephone line is also human. It is understandable to feel that one’s concern should be addressed at the earliest. However, it is also important to be a bit considerate, because it might not be the only thing that customer service is dealing with. In a day’s time there could be hundreds of other customers waiting for their issues to be addressed, therefore a little patience would certainly help customer service to help you better.

customers improve customer experience patience quote

In conclusion, I’d like to state that we are all customers and we may be guilty of not being that ideal customer yet expecting exceptional customer experience; I know that I am. I pledge to be a better customer before expecting better customer experience and I urge our readers to do the same.

Would love to hear your feedback and comments.

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