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Have you setup your Customer Experience team yet?

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Times have changed! Companies all across the world are getting customer focused. It’s the latest fad in the industry. Looking at billion dollar organisations who have made it through sheer focus and consistent effort on customer delight, everyone wants to join the bandwagon.

So now that the customer experience vision has been defined, the first question is who will realise this vision. More often than not a “motivated” team is put in place which spends a lot of valuable time understanding and implementing this vision. I strongly believe that the team wouldn’t go far without the right direction, process and structure in place!

So how should this be implemented?

The leaders should prioritise it first

There is no magic potion to making an organisation customer centric. Its an on-going process with consistent investment of time and energy. For the entire organisation to be consistent its important that they know that the senior management is bought onto this idea of customer experience. The message should be clear by the top management in words and in action or the team gets pulled in a lot of directions and priorities change.

Show some early results

It’s a glamorous new initiative. The departments understand its importance and have invested their time and energy into assessing technology, creating surveys, capturing feedback…. All of this must yield some results. Its important to take action which happens only when the customer experience team is aware of the next steps. They should be aware of the stakeholders within the organisation and take apt action which closes the loop with customers and shows positive outcome.

Make it the the DNA

If you don’t want your customer experience team to be seen as the enemy make the entire organisation equally vested into it. Customer delight is not an individual or team’s responsibility. It’s a collective team effort. Both action and performance of individuals should be judged on its impact on customer experience. It should be the language of communication within the organisation. Employees from the frontline to across departments should be clear on what impacts customer satisfaction most and how does their action effect the satisfaction level. This can be achieved by implementing the right process, an easy to quantify metric like NPS, and more focus on action than analysis

So the companies are keen to delight their customers and willing to go that extra mile. They are putting the teams in place and most of them whom I have seen succeed were a group of inspired leaders who are open to change, learned and evolved everyday for a long lasting impact.

Would be great to know the strategies that have worked for you. Do reach me at

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