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How to improve customer experience?

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Every company realises today that customer experience is the holy grail of sustainable business growth. It is only the most delighted customers who turn into promoters, and bring in more customers by word of mouth marketing. Most successful companies have learnt it through several years of practice and continuous improvement. When studied closely, leading brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Zappos etc. that consistently deliver great customer experience have a lot in common in terms of their outlook towards customers. Here are some tips any organisation can use to start improving customer experience:

1. The devil is in the details

Look at Apple’s obsession with every aspect of a product that kindles an almost magical customer experience, or Zappos’s pursuit of service excellence that makes a customer feel like a king or queen. You would learn that paying attention to the finer details helps differentiate your product or service in the eyes of your customer. There are many aspects of customer crazy businesses that other companies might feel is unimportant, but by paying attention to those details makes a customer feel special and it tremendously improves the customer experience!

2. A personal touch never goes wrong

Send customers a personalised message on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Give them a call and wish them. Send some flowers or discount coupons. They are always going to remember you for it!

Look at them as people – not objects! Say thank you and appreciate that they do business with you.

3. Take care of your loyal customers, reward them

When you have nurtured a loyal customer base, be prepared to do anything in this world to keep them! Incentivising your repeat customers to do more business with you by offering discounts, rewards, as well as asking them to bring their friends and family will not only help you retain such customers, but also acquire more fans through them.

4. Keep the communication channel open, and make it easy for them

One of the things Zappos does is that it invests heavily in hiring the best customer service reps and ensures that customers reach a rep within 60 seconds of dialling to customer service. It is the most frustrating thing for an unsatisfied customer to not be able to speak to someone regarding their issue.

Make it easy and keep it human.

While it might not be easy for everyone to invest in a huge customer service team, with so many communication channels open now, it is not very difficult to keep in touch with your clientèle. Be where your customers are, go social, open a twitter support channel – open several of them, harness the power of technology to create an effective outbound dialling queue for your customer service reps.

Also, don’t wait until there is an issue to get in touch with your customers. Be proactive and take the first step! Be regular in asking for feedback. Make changes accordingly.

Make your customers feel special, cared, and listened to and they will be always there for you.

Do you have more to add to this list? Do let us know!

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