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The 3 M’s For Improving Customer Experience SUCCESSFULLY

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

What are the three most critical things an organization should do to achieve sustained customer experience improvement?

I am regularly asked about the top three things an organization should implement in order to improve customer experience sustainably. The answer isn’t simple because improving customer experience takes time and there is no shortcut to it. Moreover, it requires constant work. In an earlier post, I’ve written about customer-centric leadership, which is critical to improving customer experience. In another post, my co-founder Kushal writes about the 3 Simple Customer Experience Tips every Business Leader MUST KNOW! These are all great tips to improving customer experience. Additionally, here are the MUST HAVE 3 M’s that will help any organisation looking to improve customer experience:

1. Measure

Every improvement starts with measurement first. One needs to assess where one is before running towards the goal.

Similarly, any organisation that wishes to improve customer experience should start with measuring it first. Use a metric such as Net Promoter® scale as a measure of customer experience because it is simple, standardised, and actionable. Again, consistency is the key here. Don’t measure CEx just as a benchmarking exercise that yields a handful of action points to present in the board meeting. Commit to measuring customer experience regularly and share it with the organisation openly. Remember – What gets measured, gets improved.

2. Monitor

Only when an organisation starts measuring customer experience regularly can it start observing the trends and drivers. That’s when the magic happens!

If you are serious about consistently delivering an experience that earns you customer loyalty, you should monitor the fluctuations in customer experience score and identify the reasons behind those fluctuations. Get to the bottom of what caused a drop and start fixing problems upwards. When the score starts improving, identify the reason behind that too!

More often than not, you’d find people on both sides as the reason. Coach those who are unable to move the score up or, even worse, caused the score to dip. On the other hand, make sure you reward the ones who went out of their way to get you that positive delta in the score.

3. Manage

Having put the measurement and monitoring processes in place, it’s critical to manage the customer experience, ensuring it’s always trending upwards.

This is perhaps the toughest and probably the only part where most organisations stumble. Managing the customer experience is about engaging with customers, listening to their feedback, communicating what will be done about it, and taking action on that feedback. It also includes opening internal communication channels to spread the voice of customers across the length and breadth of the organisation. This ensures that everyone knows how their actions translate to customer experience. When everyone knows, everyone works together to improve it.

In conclusion, these 3 M’s might seem like an oversimplified version of everything that an organisation needs to do to improve customer experience. Perhaps that’s true. Nevertheless, it would undoubtedly help any organisation start improving customer experience. All they need to do is: Measure, Monitor, and Manage.

Would be great to hear your comments and feedback.

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