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Let LOSE Customers to your Competition and WIN them for LIFE

Written by Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

In today’s world where every action is motivated by selfishness and greed, we desperately need stories that break this impression and pave way for a better world. There are many companies that have made news with their ways of amazing customers. This particular story is a testimony of how far a company can go to delight its customer.

DD Moffitt, a B.Dalton customer, visited one of their bookstores to buy a book for her son for Christmas. Like any other dedicated employee of the company, the representative rummaged the directory and found that the requested book was in stock and was still packed. She looked through the packed books and found no copy of the book. She found out that the next shipping was to arrive in a couple of days but could not guarantee the arrival time.

This situation is nothing new. Most of us have had the misfortune of not finding our books and later consoling ourselves to move on. The turning point in the story is that DD Moffitt was fortunate to not have a similar ending.

The representative immediately made a call to B.Dalton’s competitor, Borders, to check with them if they had stock of the book. The representative gave the customer Border’s contact number, the directions to the store and told her that the book was waiting for her to collect it there!

When every company fears to deal with their competitors, B.Dalton did not hesitate for a moment to reach out to theirs, all for the sake of their customers’ satisfaction. Yes, it did lose a plausible sale, but with this act, it has won a customer for life! B.Dalton’s customers can be now sure of its dedication to give them what they want without any ado.

The representative prioritised the customer’s need, executed selflessly, and, most importantly, focused on good customer service.

Stories like these will always be kept alive by customers. One risk taken, and B.Dalton shot to fame for its commitment towards exceptional customer experience. I am sure there are many such amazing stories that need to be told to the world. Please come forward to share stories about them in our comments section below.

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