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Ryanair, isn’t good customer experience worth more than £220?

Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Recently, a Ryanair passenger was faced with a strange dilemma: whether to pay £220 as “admin fee” to get his name corrected in the ticket or to change his name completely. Now that isn’t a decision one would like to make on a usual day!

As reported by A student has changed his name by deed poll because it was cheaper than paying a “ridiculous” Ryanair charge for a booking error.

This is certainly not the best customer experience stories. Moreover there are several low-cost airlines who are known for their exceptional customer experience. We also featured an amazingly shocking customer experience story about United Airlines that exemplifies how good customer experience wins customer loyalty. Delivering good customer experience isn’t that difficult and here are a few lessons to learn from this rather bizarre Ryanair incidence:

Make it easy for your customers

Imposing a high barrier to making your customers’ life easy will never go down well. There are valid reasons to keep a minimal charge for modifying a booked flight, but making it so difficult that it annoys your customers is not a good strategy.

“Ryanair were not helpful at all. We showed them we were not trying to change the person, just the name, but they wouldn’t back down.” – Adam Armstrong, as reported by theguardian

Be human

Everyone understands that company policies and terms of service ensure smooth operations and avoid spurious activities. However, organisations need to be considerate when it comes to genuine problems raised by their customers because they are human too, and it’s only human to make errors. By being rigid and pulling up the policy scroll when a customer knocks your door with an abnormal request, you present an inhumane picture. Along with increasing a customers’ distress, such an attitude also erodes employee loyalty.

Make good customer experience a company culture

Stop paying lip service to customer experience just because it gains you PR points. Delivering good customer experience should be imperative to every customer interaction. When good customer experience is a company culture, employees feel empowered to take action to improve it than feel blocked by company policies.

As easy it is for bad customer experience stories to spread, it is equally rewarding to continuously focus on delivering exceptional customer experience that build true customer loyalty.

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