Stop making these CEx blunders NOW!

Written by, Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Creating a perfect customer experience is definitely not an easy job. The consumer base is so diverse and demanding that not one solution fits all. Overcoming the challenges of CEx may seen difficult, but you can start off by not making these few mistakes.

Ignoring your customers

Not collecting feedback from the customer is an unforgivable. What is worse is not acting on the feedback taken. Also, lengthy and cumbersome feedback forms do no good. You have to make it quick and easy for the customer always!

Not learning from feedback

This is a cardinal sin, something that will be a big cost to the company. Customer feedback is a gold mine of information and insights, use it wisely and you shall prosper!

Not picking the right people/technology to aid you

It makes your job easier to have a great team who is constantly wanting to help the customer and make his experience better. However, it is upto you to train them and empower them. It is always said that Customer Experience is not a department – it is the entire organization. Make CEx the core of your organization.

Not making your employees happy

Your employees are the first points of contact that customers have with your organization. If you do not keep them happy, there is little chance that your customers are going to be happy. Do unto your employees what you would want done to your customers. Remember that a disengaged employee can never create an engaged customer!

Appreciate your employees, celebrate their success and milestones and make them feel loved and wanted. They will definitely pass the same vibes to your customers.

Neglecting social media

In today’s world of intense and cut-throat competition, it is very important to be connected to your customers. And what better way than the social media to do so. Both, good and bad word can spread exponentially fast and across boundaries, hence, you must be on your toes always.

Also, never keep the loop open when you have a bad review. Deal with it, do all it takes to retain the customer and make him happy. Think of every dissatisfied customer as an wonderful opportunity of brand building.

Are there any such mistakes that organizations must avoid? Do let us know!

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