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The guaranteed strategy for leaders to win with customer experience

Written by: Kushal Dev | Co-founder, Customer Guru

Successful leaders realize that a great customer experience helps attract and retain customers. Being focused on your product/service is important and forms an integral part of your customer experience but a great offer falls flat if the buying experience is poor.

Customer Experience leaders who are really serious about success, should ensure the following-

Show the way

Success with customer experience requires long term vision aligned to the customer needs. The leadership needs to define the path to achieve this vision and show consistent effort in meeting it. Don’t make it a super secretive “war-room”exercise with nerdy excel sheets and annual reviews. To stand out of the rest make sure that the vision is spread across the organisation and simple for all the departments to understand and correlate.

Encourage, Train and Empower

When your team actively listen to your customers they understand what needs to change at their end to improve CX. They identify what they are doing well or not. Appreciate the good and encourage training for areas which need improvement. Once they realise the benefits of CX and its link with growth, it becomes a way of life.

Prioritise your initiatives

Different teams in your organisation have worked on multiple customer initiatives. Though the intent is right, the problem is that each initiative requires resources. Identify the initiatives with the most impact and focus on the ones that matter. Measure the impact of each initiative. If it’s not aligned with your vision then make appropriate changes and the REPEAT!

Be where your customers are

To address your customer concerns and exceed their expectation you need to listen carefully. Giving a personal touch to your customer interaction you should be available on the mediums that your customers are actively engaging. A uniform experience for your customers across channels goes a long way.

Think like your customers do

Put yourself in your customers shoes. Would you like to be treated the way your team is treating them? Don’t be afraid to rethink strategies and to align your services based on different touch points in the customer journey.

Manage the change

People are resistant to change. It’s difficult to adapt and as the leader its your job to make this change seamless. Identify the teams that will be affected the most. See how to align their goals to this new initiative and what other resources would be required for them to commit and succeed.

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