NPS Best Practices

Three steps for MAXIMUM NPS® Improvement

Written by: Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

What should you do to improve NPS®?

Let’s get straight to the point, many organisations are using NPS as a loyalty metric however several are struggling to move the needle! We all understand it’s one thing to start measuring NPS but after a point the organisation needs to start working towards improving NPS – that is to say, increase promoters and decrease detractors. It isn’t as easy. But if you are looking for the three most impactful things to do in order to improve NPS, here they are:

Start accounting NPS in the annual report

The annual report is a reflection of a company’s performance in the past year and it primarily reports financial improvements as well as key strategic initiatives that were taken up in the year. When NPS becomes a part of the annual report, everyone in the organisation starts monitoring its day-to-day progress just like cost and revenue. This quantification of customer experience, just like financial accounting, communicates to the stakeholders that the company is focussed on improving customer experience. Therefore getting people to constantly take action to improve customer experience.

Operationalise customer feedback

Capturing customer feedback without taking action is useless. Establish the right processes and coach employees to ensure that prompt action is taken on customer feedback. More than anything, ensure that customer feedback is readily shared internally. Help customer issues reach the right people so something is done about it as soon as possible. NPS’s core philosophy is based on closing the feedback loop, just doing that would start showing results soon.

Do whatever it takes

It is easy to lose the signal in the noise. An organisation needs to juggle with a plethora of priorities and when NPS becomes a key parameter to improve, there will be a bunch of nay sayers too. But just keep at it, whatever it takes. The first year you might observe that employees are gaming the feedback, or you’d find that feedbacks are not being taken serious. However, keep bringing the real picture in focus – improving NPS leads to sustainable financial improvements. It will take longer to improve NPS than imagined, however, just like revenue targets, sometimes you meet them sometimes you miss, but it doesn’t mean you stop selling!

NPS makes it easy for everyone to understand how customer experience is measured and what needs to be done. However the push has to come from the top – a consistent optimistic nudge.

I’d love to hear your opinion and feedback. Please share your thoughts on what more can organisations do to improve NPS, what has worked for you?

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