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What can we Learn from tag-lines of the most Customer-Centric Brands?

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

There is no doubt that customer experience is the new marketing. The age-old, conventional marketing strategies are now becoming obsolete and word-of-mouth that comes along with great customer experience is the name of the game. Those companies that think about the customer when they make any decision are the ones who are winning. In other words, customer-centric brands are winning today!

Additionally, because today’s customer is more informed and empowered than ever, companies cannot afford to be lax. In today’s times of super high-speed internet, the impact of customer experience has been amplified. With feedback, both good and bad, spreading across the internet in minutes, companies have no choice but to become more vigilant and to keep their customer happy. Yes, customer experience is the new brand!

However, we do know that customer-centric organization cannot be built in a day. Customer experience is NOT a single department; it is the entire organization itself, it is everyone’s job and it is a culture. Little wonder then that the most customer-centric companies are the ones that have ingrained customer experience in the DNA of their company culture. These are the companies that have ensured that everyone in the company – right from the top management to the customer-facing employees are all aware of the impact of his/her actions on a customer. Here is a look at some companies that have firmly etched the idea of customer centricity into their systems by using amazing customer-centric slogans and mottos.

“The Earth’s most customer-centric company”

No other company but Amazon can stand by this motto. Widely considered as the epitome of customer-centricity, Amazon is an organization that is extremely proud of its customer-centric culture and ensures that every employee is too! Its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos has been a pioneer in this field and is looked upon as one of those leaders who are obsessed with customer experience. Here are some lessons on the customer experience that we could learn from him. With such a leader as Bezos at its helm, Amazon has consistently exceeded customer expectations, making it one of the most loved, trusted and respected brands across the world.

“We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”

This is the motto of The Ritz-Carlton, a company that is synonymous with customer centricity. This motto emphasizes the anticipatory service provided by all the staff members. Ritz Carlton has a long-standing history of being the absolute best in terms of customer service not just in the hospitality sector but across all sectors. Its employees are famous for going the extra mile, time and again, to ensure that the customer is delighted.

Ritz-Carlton is the quintessential example of an organization that provides its employees with all the means to ensure that the customers have a fantastic experience. It empowers its workforce to create unique, memorable and personal experience for the guests. Hence, of all the amazing customer experience stories floating on the web, most of them come from Ritz-Carlton.

“Think Different”

Apple is one of those companies that took simplicity to another level, resulting in an enhanced customer experience. It simplified almost everything, right from its products to the user interface, from the choice the customer had to the ease with which he could use a product. Yes, Apple did ‘Think Different’ to make things easier and more convenient for the customer and the results speak for themselves. Apple also has consistently been rated as one of the most innovative companies, making it a favorite amongst all age groups and millennials in particular.

“Powered by service”

A company as customer-centric as Zappos couldn’t have had a more perfect slogan. Zappos has been famous for not undertaking any conventional marketing strategies; customer experience and the word of mouth was its biggest marketing tool. It was one of the first companies to have initiated the no-questions-asked-return policy and made shipping for its customers free! How strongly customer experience is etched it its culture can be evidenced by its core values. “Deliver WOW through service” and “Build open and honest relationships with communication” are a few of its core values. Its CEO, Tony Hsieh has been a revolutionary leader when it comes to enhancing the customer experience. Here are a few lessons we can learn from the leader of Zappos, Tony Hsieh.

“The happiest place on Earth”

Ever wondered why Disneyland is called that? It truly creates the most memorable experiences for its customers and ensures it does everything to make a customer delighted! Everything in Disneyland is so magical that any person, irrespective of his age, instantly becomes happy on visiting the place. The employees are always willing to help, making the customers make special, loved and cared for.

Despite the varied verticals, all these companies have one thing in common – they have ensured that customer experience is firmly etched in every employee and that customer experience is the life-breath of the entire organization. Are there any other interesting customer experience focused tag-lines and slogans that we have missed? Do let us know.

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