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Why are your Customers NOT Engaging with you on Social Media?

Written by Sonal Jaiswal | Evangelist, Customer Guru

Every business today irrespective of its size, has a social media account. Period. The benefits that a business can earn because of the social media are manifold. It helps you find new customers, expand your reach and generate leads quicker and cheaper. Moreover, it helps you target your audience better, improving the engagement and thus the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

While many-a-times, the beginning of setting up an account for the business seems promising and the customer engagement is good, but eventually businesses feel the stagnation, with engagement dropping, customers losing interest, and some even ‘unfriending’ or ‘unfollowing’. Is there something that we are doing wrong?

Let us have a look at a few factors that can have an impact on your social media customer engagement strategy.

Where there is valuable content, there will be engagement

Very often, organizations make the fatal sin of sharing too much content, wanting to improve engagement with the customers. This process is not only exhausting for the business but also exhausting for the customers, who have to browse through a lot of content (relevant or irrelevant) in a short span of time. Eventually, the customers discover that only a few topics are relevant to them. However, because of the overload of information, the odds are that most of the customers will dismiss the relevant content too.

What you share must be a value-add to the customers. Yes, quantity does matter, but only the quality of the content will keep the the customers engaged. Quantity without quality is futile.

Too loud a noise, too empty a vessel

As unforgiving as the heading sounds, that is how our customers feel every time you post something grand and nothing follows. Many of us know how to market ourselves, but you also need to live up to what we are marketing to our customers. When you fail to do so, it results in the customers being disappointed. Hence, businesses must realise that only catchy headlines and images won’t work, there needs to be quality in content to substantiate them.

Communication gap, the disengaging factor

If you are wondering why your usual excited customer who comments on everything you used to post has disappeared, one of the reasons might be that he/she was not getting any response. Any relationship is a two way street. Customers lose interest when they are not acknowledged and you might end up with no audience for your content.

Among the many benefits of a social media platform, promptness with which a business can reply to its customers is the foremost. Hence, it is natural for the customer to expect responses and in as less time as possible. If this doesn’t happen, the customer loses interest.

Another reason customers do not engage is because they do not feel involved in the company’s activities and growth. By asking for their feedback, a business can not only acknowledge them but also make them feel as an integral part of the company’s growth and future plans. Social media is a great platform to attract testimonials as it is hassle free! Why not make the most of it?

Make friends with other businesses and your competitors

It’s normal for organizations to share content pertaining to themselves. But, sometimes, this could work against your own company as your audience becomes very restricted.

Sharing information about other companies with relevant content and tagging them in your posts gets you a wider spectrum of customers. The other company might return the favour in a similar way and fetch you new customers. This would be a very healthy way of engaging not only with your customers but also with other companies.

Seldom are we comfortable sharing the space with our competitors. It takes immense self-confidence in doing so. Customers tend to appreciate a company’s openness in learning and sharing new things from other companies. Allowing other companies from a similar background as well as from other disciplines to write guests posts in our blogs not only brings variety in content but also in customers. It is a win-win situation.

Omnipresence is indispensable

Social media is a huge sea with way too many stop over islands. Customers expect companies to be everywhere for all of them have preferred platforms. Yet, merely being approachable is not enough. Care must be taken to share each content across all the platforms. This way we manage to keep all our customers engaged.

Monotony in content causes boredom

Creativity is important not only in art but also in strategizing and marketing. Innovation is the name of the game! The more innovative you are with your content, the more customers will get attracted to it. Getting too technical with the subject seldom holds attention and customers engage better when the content has an interesting point of view.

Inconsistency causes lack of interest

It is important to remember that customers sub-consciously get accustomed to your content sharing pattern. When that is not maintained, they are disappointed. The frequency of the posts need not be very high. However, fixing a selective number of days in a week or a month, and sharing posts on those days keeps your customers engaged by offering them something to look forward to.

The personal touch will always be the comforting

Advancements in technology can change a lot of things such as convenience, quickness etc. for the better. But remember that nothing, and absolutely nothing, can replace the human touch. Sadly, with the use of technology, you might begin to sound mechanical. Hence, it is important that you build personal relationships with your customers, instead of just looking at numbers and making sales. Treat your customers as people, not numbers and every sale as a trust-based relationship not a transaction. Don’t focus only on the numbers, rather focus on the engagement!

Social media is by far the most happening thing in today’s times. It is also the easiest and quickest way for companies to get their customers to engage with them. Are there any other factors that might affect customer engagement on social media? Please do let us know in your comments below!


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