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Why should you care for the ones who care for your patients?

Written by: Kushal Dev – Co-Founder, Customer Guru

Nurses are the face of your hospital and possibly the ones interacting most with your patients. Working mostly in a high pressure environment it’s of utmost importance that hospitals do your best to help them cope with it. In the domain of patient care this make business sense as well.

According to a recent survey a 25 percent increase in nurse job satisfaction leads to increase of between 5 and 20 percent increase in patient care.

So how do help your nurses improve and be satisfied with their job?

Here are a few pointers to your aid


Listen to your nurse concerns and needs. Discuss issues with each of them individually, such as conflicts they may have with you or other employees. Rectify and keep the conflicts from amplifying or causing resentment.


Identify training needs to enhance core skills of Nurses. Technology is being widely adopted in healthcare, it may not be in their area of expertise. Ensure workshops are conducted to help them cope with it.

Communicate Regularly

Communicate with your nurses regularly. Keep them informed of the latest updates at your hospital, it helps install ownership. Compliment them when they do something exceptional. Buffer any criticisms with positive comments.


Find out what drives and motivates each Nurse to perform at a higher level. Assign more challenging tasks to those who want greater responsibilities.


Tie your Nurse performance to some type of rewards program. Use various performance elements such as patient service as a basis for the program. Reward winners with some benefits and give everyone an equal chance of participating and winning.

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