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All Employees Can Make A Difference In Creating A Better Experience For The Customers – Carla Haines, Director of Sales Support Operations, Customer Experience and Marketing, Colt Data Centre Services

Carla Haines started off her professional journey close to two decades ago as a Personal Assistant at Colt. Subsequently, she has served in multiple positions at Colt across departments such as Operations, Order Management, Service Management, Marketing, and Customer Experience. Her versatile career is a testimony of her determination, commitment, and expertise in various fields.

It was an honor to interview Carla and get her insightful responses to the following questions.

What role has Customer Experience (CX) played in the journey of your company?

It has played an important role in supporting our vision: “To be the most customer-centric Data Centre operator in the industry.”

In your journey so far, which is the one CX initiative you had pioneered that you are proud of the most?

The one initiative I am extremely proud of is championing frequent customer engagement across EU and Asia.

Generally, teams are always caught up in initiatives that are already planned. In this endeavor to meet the existing KRAs, initiatives that could actually create a positive CX get missed out. How would you handle such a situation and align the team towards the CX goal?

We ensure all our employees, right from back office staff to customer-facing ones, are aware of our customer experience programme and understand that they can all make a difference to it. We firmly believe that every touch point contributes to creating a better experience for customers.

What is your vision around CX at your company? How do you see it evolving in the next couple of years?

Colt Data Centres are working their way to providing world-class service and continuing to support our vision, which is ‘To be the most customer-centric Data Centre Operator in the industry.’

What is your word of advice for businesses embarking on the journey of customer-centricity?

You must get your senior management buy-in and keep your employees engaged.

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Image courtesy: Bram Vanhaeren – HypeBea

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